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Today at Sauder Village - Sunday, June 24



Fun activities planned on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at Sauder Village (subject to change):

All Day Activities:
Discover the History of Newspaper Printing – The W.O. Taylor Printing Office
Discover What They Ate in 1928 – Grime Home
Discover What They Ate in 1858 – Eicher Cabin
Discover An Archeological Dig – LPH
Discover Pack Your Wagon- Lauber Settlement
Discover Kitchen Gadget Innovation – Witmer Roth home
Discover History Mystery – Stuckey Home
12:30 pm Discover How to Hold Your Horses  - buggy shed

Scheduled Activities:
12:45 pm “I Really Like Slop” book reading  - Grime Home
1:00 pm “I Like Slop” – Discover what pigs like to eat by helping us  slopping our pigs at the  Grime pig barn
3:30 pm  Discover How to Milk a Cow – Grime Barn