Summer on the Farm

Saturday, July 14, 2018
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Children today are often generations removed from life on the farm. This special event allows guests to experience life in rural Ohio more than 100 years ago!
Also enjoy the Fiddle Contest in the Historic Village on Saturday, July 14 with your admission to the Historic Village!  

Check out all the fun activities we have planned:

When Chores Were Done on the Farm:

Make Your Heart Go Aflutter As You Make Your Own Butter
Discover What Pigs eat in “I like Slop” program
1870 Hand Threshing and Grain Cleaning Demos
Help make a pie and homemade noodles
Discover how to milk a goat and a cow!
Help make hominy and grind corn
Practice Your ABC’s with a quill pen
Feed the Chickens and Goose Feather Picking

When Chores Are Done, it's Time to Play!
Celebrate our Nature’s Wildlife with Nature’s Nursery from 1-4 pm
Participate in a corn on the cob eating contest
Play a Game of Croquet and Participate in a sack or egg/spoon Race!
Build with Lincoln Logs and try your skill with a yo-yo
Join in a hoop rolling contest
Help make (and try) hand-cranked ice cream
Decorate your own teepee to take home
Enjoy a book at HiSTORY time at Little Pioneer Homestead

Other Special Activities:
Duck Herding Dog Demonstrations
Tractor driven trolley rides
Fiddle Contest at 1:00 pm - youth & adult competitors!