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Spring on the Farm

Saturday, May 11, 2019  10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
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Spring brings about so many adventures on the farm.  Come join us as we navigate our way through engaging children’s literature and classic farm experiences.  Whether you are learning about dirt through the Diary of a Worm, talking about horses in our Livery with Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm, discovering our new pig family and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, getting the ins and outs of how to clean your linens with Low Down Laundry Line Blues or even uncovering the importance of garden vegetables with The Monster Who Ate My Peas, explore Sauder Village through great books and many fun hands-on activities during Spring on the Farm.

Grime Barn: 
Book: Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm 
Activity: Photo opportunity on the Super M tractor and “Act like Tractor Mac” activity

Stuckey Barn:
Book:  The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Activity:  “I Like Slop” program – help feed our pigs 

Eicher Cabin: 
Book:  Low Down Laundry Line Blues 
Activity:  Laundry (lots of it) and other spring housekeeping duties.  

Witmer Roth Home: 
Book:  The Monster Who Ate My Peas
Activity: Shell, Eat, Cook and Plant a pea to take home! Pea seeds being donated by Rupp Seeds.  

Little Pioneers Homestead: 
Book:  Diary of a Worm 
Activity:  Take home Worm Farm

Elmira Depot:  
Book:  Mailing May
Activity:  How much would it cost to mail you to Toledo? 

Natives & Newcomers:
Book:  Ten Little Indians
Activity:  Make your own rain stick

Grime Home:
Book:  Frog and Toad
Activity:  Make your very own Friendship Bracelet!

Garden Shed
Activity:  Bethany Carlson from Liberty Honey 

Log School:
Activity:  Try writing with a Quill Pen

Village Green:
Activity:  Play Old-Fashioned Games . . . Egg and spoon races, hoop races and more!  

Other Fun Activities:
Sheep Shearing Demonstration, Meet Baby Animals, Watch cow & goat milking demonstrations, and more!