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Saturday Sampler 2020 - Revised Schedule and Guidelines


Saturday Sampler 2020, Cedar Mills, will resume in July! 

While there is excitement and enthusiasm for this to happen, it will happen under different guidelines.  These guidelines, of course, are subject to change if/when there are changes in the status and circumstances surrounding Covid-19.

Here is what will happen:

- Starting on the second Saturday of each month (July 11, 2020 – March 13, 2021) and for the week following, participants will be able to bring in their finished block and pick up the next month’s kit for free.

- A storyboard outlining the steps and/or new techniques needed for the next month’s block will be displayed in the shop for 1 week.

- Participants will be able to take pictures of this information and the quilt blocks as needed.

- If a participant’s block is not finished, they will still able to purchase the next month’s kit for $5.

Here is what will not happen:
- Saturday Sampler participants will not gather for instruction.  Participants will need to come into the shop on their own to look at the storyboard that will be displayed.

- Challenge blocks, door prizes and stamp cards will be discontinued for the remainder of this Saturday Sampler cycle.

While this is not what we would have envisioned for the continuation of Saturday Sampler program for 2020, it is the manner that we feel will keep participants and staff safe and healthy.  Please know that we have given this much thought and we will strive to make Saturday Sampler a success for each one of our participants.  Thank you, in advance, for being flexible and willing to make the necessary adjustments.  We value each of you and your health and well-being!