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Daily Activities - September 27-29, 2023

Check out some of the fun activities planned for this week!

Power Wranglers is what is happening at Sauder Village! Students will learn how harnessing the power of wind and water made life easier for our ancestors. They will also discover how animals were trained to use treadmills for power on the farm and explore the workings of a gasoline engine.

Curriculum met with Power Wranglers

The Power of Water at the Gristmill (#19 on the Village Map) will be demonstrating all day how the power of water grinds grain into flour. All Day.

The Power of Wind and The Power of the Hand Water Pump at the Grime Homestead (#51 on the Village Map) will have continuous programming from 9:30am to 11:30 am to demonstrate how wind power was used on a farm by utilizing our hand water pump. Connections will be made to today’s windmills and the benefits of using this green energy source.

Foot Power at the Sauder Cabinet Shop (#2 on the Village Map) explores how foot powered tools made it easier for a cabinetmaker to make fine furniture in the 1880s. All Day.

Tread power in the Stuckey Barn (#27 on the Village Map) will definitely enlighten students in how the use of animals on treadmills saved hours of manual labor on the farm at 12 pm for a 10-minute presentation.

The Power of Design at Rich Auto Dealer and Gas Station (#33 on the Village Map) will be open all day for students to learn how Henry Ford challenged his engineers to produce a simple engine so it could be mass manufactured. All day.

The Power of a Gasoline Engine will be shown in the Grime Barn (#51 on the Village Map) with a Hit-and-Miss engine at 9:45 am to 10:30 am.