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Fall on the Farm Week

Wednesday, October 11 - Saturday, October 14, 2023horses

The smells of apples pressing, pumpkins roasting, and a smoldering fire are in the air as we spend a week celebrating the coming of autumn with our Fall on the Farm event! Join us as we prepare our homesteads for the winter months and learn more about the process of harvesting and food preservation as it would have been in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The Cider Mill will be open for cider pressing demonstrations throughout the week.

Here's what will be going on in the Village:
- Come on out and see our 142-year-old cider mill pressing apples into cider as this is the only week the mill is in operation at the Village. You will learn the whole process of historically making apple cider as this community mill will be up and running!
- Our gardens have provided us with food that needs to be harvested so roll up your sleeves and let’s get picking.
- All that food from the garden will need to be preserved. Every day different methods of historically preserving foods will be highlighted along with displaying authentic collection pieces used by our ancestors for these various processes. Sauerkraut will be made in the Stuckey home. Using our fruit and vegetable dryer at the Grime homestead. 
- Apple Butter is synonymous with Fall and at the Witmer Roth home we will explore how a family made this delicious condiment over a hearth fire and preserved it for the upcoming winter.
- We will be offering pumpkins to decorate on Saturday October 14 for you to create a pumpkin masterpiece!

Saturday, October 14 is Scout Day!  Sauder Village is also celebrating the accomplishments of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and American Heritage Girls and Boys. Local Scouts/American Heritage Members will receive reduced admission on Saturday, October 14.  All Scout members and leaders, in uniform, will receive a reduced admission of

$10 per Scout and $14 per chaperone (parent). One scout leader per group will receive free admission that day.

Join us for a day of Scouting fun!