Stefania-IsaacsonStefania Isaacson

Stefania Isaacson learned to spin in order to have interesting yarns in natural fibers tailored to the projects she had in mind. While she used to look at yarns and wonder what she could make from them, making her own handspun gave her the freedom to envision the project and create a yarn for specific purposes. That gave her the luxury of control "from the bottom up." Finally, she had yarns in natural fibers--something she had trouble finding!

Little did she know that she would fall so in love with spinning. As with knitting, crocheting, embroidery, needlepoint, etc., spinning is very tactile, and she found the whole process both relaxing and exciting. With spinning, she began working with fibers other than wool—fibers like silk, flax, hemp, cotton, alpaca, mohair, angora, and now dog and cat! This also expanded her knitting possibilities far beyond what she imagined, and the effects became more exciting as she blended these fibers.

Stefania is an accredited spinner and one of only 28 people in the world with a Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning, awarded by the Handweavers Guild of America. The Certificate of Excellence is equivalent to a masters degree and takes two years of intense study and dedicated work to complete. Since then, she has opened her business and has taught numerous workshops dealing in natural dyes, spinning and basket making. She has spoken about the fiber arts to many groups and has appeared on Home & Garden TV as a guest on the Carol Duvall Show.

Kate-Larson2018Kate Larson

Kate Larson loves using fiber arts as a bridge between her passions for art and agriculture. Her fiber journey has led her to a degree in soil chemistry, travels through northern Europe in search of textile traditions, and back to the farm where her family has lived for six generations. She keeps an ever-growing flock of Border Leicester sheep and teaches handspinning and knitting regularly in central Indiana and around the country. Kate’s articles and designs have appeared in Spin-Off Magazine, Jane Austen Knits, Enchanted Knits, Knitting Sweaters from Around the World, and other publications. Her first handspinning book will be published by Interweave in the fall of 2015. She manages the Spinner’s Connection blog at spinningdaily.com and and keeps her own blog at katelarsontextiles.com.

Kate Larson spinning

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