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Special Exhibits

A special collection of quilts.

Fusion: By It’s Not Your Mama’s Quilting Challenge

Sauder Village is pleased to showcase the entrants for the “Fusion” by It’s Not Your Mama’s Quilting Challenge.

Let your eyes enjoy the feast of colors, fabrics, textures and designs.  As artists, we are open to exploring a variety of materials in our quilts. The Challenge issued to these quilters was to explore the use of silk materials on a quilt project. Each entrant was provided silk strips from Marianna Ross’s dyed, batik silks: The artist was free to use any technique, but had to include at least one technique presented by It’s Not Your Mama’s Quilting meetings. Each quilt artist provided an explanation of what Fusion meant to them and how they used silk in their submitted quilt.

Old Glory Quilt Exhibit: Curated by Mary Kerr

Old Glory was born when red, white and blue vintage quilt tops were finished by long arm quilters who share a military connection. The quilters received the top, backing and the instructions, “quilt as desired”. They donated their time and talent. We chose to work with “forgotten” tops - the ones that were damaged, unfinished, ill made or unremarkable. These tops were not destined to be completed, enjoyed or treasured. What we now share is pure magic! 

The exhibit was created to promote the Quilts of Valor program. We choose to focus on our patriotic heritage and further serve the military family that we have been fortunate to be a part of. These quilts debuted at the 2017 Quilts of Valor show and then traveled as a collection for the next two. When they are done traveling the quilts will be auctioned to raise funds for Quilts of Valor. 


Artistic Diversity: By Knot Even Quilters

When you look at a finished piece of artwork, you are looking at years of study, experimentation, experience, and feeling that the artist has poured into her work. There are layers of texture and color and processes in every genre of art.  In this challenge, our group of artists is exposing the viewer to a vast array of techniques available to use as textile artists. Tasked with using as many methods as possible in a single piece, we joyfully offer our many skills for your enjoyment.