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​Awards & Judging


A ribbon and limited edition stoneware plate designed by Historic Village potter, Mark Nafziger, will be presented to the First Place prize winners in each category as well as for the “Best of Show Large Quilt” and "Best of Show Small Quilt."

Additional ribbon only awards include

  • “Best Hand Quilting”
  • “Best Home Machine Quilting”
  •  “Best Longarm/Midarm Quilting”
  • "Color"
  • "Innovative"
  • "Traditional"
  • "Judge's Choice"
  • "People's Choice Large Quilt"
  • "People's Choice Small Quilt"
  • second place quilt
  • third place quilt
  • honorable mention quilts


Judging of the quilts will be done by category and completed by judges before the show opens. Judges reserve the right to change a quilt’s category when another category seems more appropriate. After all categories are judged, the “Best of Show Small Quilt” and "Best of Show Large Quilt" will be selected from all first prize winners. In the final phase of judging, all quilts entered for judging will be considered for the “Best Hand Quilting”, “Best Home Sewing Machine Quilting” and “Best Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilting” awards. These three awards are designed to recognize the best of the best in hand and machine quilting.

Note: Written judging evaluations are not provided for this show. 

Three additional ribbons may be awarded at the judges' discretion. These special awards would recognize...

  • Masterful use of Color

  • Innovation – imaginative development of non-traditional pattern

  • Judge's Choice - each judge may choose one quilt to which they would like to give special recognition.

Exhibit Only Entries...The Masters Showcase and Youth categories are for exhibit only and will not be judged or eligible for any prizes or ribbons, except for the People’s Choice Ribbon Award. Other quilts registered "for exhibit only" will also not be judged or eligible for any prizes or ribbons, except for the People’s Choice Award. Special Exhibit quilts are not eligible for any prizes, ribbons or awards, including People's Choice.

People’s Choice...
Two People’s Choice ribbon awards will be awarded; one for Large Quilts and one for Small Quilts. Ballots will be available at the information table during the show and may be submitted by the viewing public. All exhibited quilts, whether judged or "for exhibit only," are eligible for this award. Voting for this award will be open until the show closes on Friday, May 6, 2022. The People’s Choice ribbons will be displayed on the winning quilts during the show on Saturday, May 7, 2022. The People’s Choice winners will be posted online within a week of the end of the show.