A multitude of judged quilts on display along with special exhibits by masters and more.

Quilt Show Exhibition
Every year hundreds of quilts are displayed full-length in Founder’s Hall in one of several categories. This annual event is made possible by quilters who are willing to submit their beautiful work for the exhibit. 

Exhibition: Quilt Categories

Read the following list carefully and determine which category best describes your entry. All quilts must be pre-registered and remain on display in Founder's Hall during the entire Quilt Show.


All quilts must fit the size requirements and definitions of the selected category. Please carefully check the category sizes and definitions before registering your quilts.

Large Quilt: must measure 60" or more on the shortest side

  • Large Quilt: Pieced & Hand Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Pieced & Home Sewing Machine Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Pieced & Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Appliqué & Hand Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Appliqué & Machine Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Mixed Technique & Hand Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Mixed Technique & Machine Quilted

  • Large Quilt: Other Techniques, Hand or Machine Quilted

Small Quilts: must measure less than 60" on the shortest side

  • Small Quilt: Pieced & Hand Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Pieced & Home Sewing Machine Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Pieced & Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Appliqué & Hand Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Appliqué & Machine Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Mixed Techniques & Hand Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Mixed Techniques & Machine Quilted

  • Small Quilt: Other Techniques, Hand or Machine Quilted

  • Baby Quilt: Hand or Machine Quilted

  • Art/Innovative Quilts

  • Masters Showcase

  • Miniatures (proportionally scaled down)

  • Sauder Village Challenge: “Permission to Play”

  • Youth Quilts (made by youth up to age 18) 

Note: Written judging evaluations are not provided for this show.

Category Definitions

Masters Showcase: In order to qualify, quilt artists must have traveled nationally to teach and have published books or patterns. The exhibit director will personally contact all Masters artists to discuss arrangements for this special display. This category is for exhibit only and will not be judged.

"Permission to Play" Challenge: Plan now to participate in this year's Sauder Village Quilt Challenge. Stop in Threads of Tradition at Sauder Village for Challenge guidelines and fabric selection. If you are not able to visit our shop in person, Challenge guidelines and fabrics can be viewed on the Challenge web page, and then ordered either by e-mail or telephone. We will gladly ship whatever you need... right to your door. Follow this link for the Challenge guidelines and to view the Challenge fabrics

Pieced: Piecing predominates over other techniques in amount or effect.

Appliqué: Appliqué predominates over other techniques in amount or effect.

Mixed Technique: A quilt where two or more major construction techniques, not including quilting or trapunto, are used to develop the design of the top.Construction and/or surface design must be used in significant amounts that affect the overall design.

Other Techniques: Quilting that uses one or more special techniques such as whole cloth, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting or other surface design techniques not included in the categories above.Construction and/or surface design must be used in significant amounts that affect the overall design.

Baby Quilts: Crib size or smaller quilt that is designed for an infant. 

Art / Innovative Quilts: A contemporary artwork exploring and expressing aesthetic concerns which retains, through materials or technique, a clear relationship to the folk art quilt from which it descends. The work must possess the basic structural characteristics of a quilt. It must be predominantly fabric or fabric-like material and must be composed of at least two full and distinct layers - a face layer and a backing layer. The face and backing layers must be held together by hand- or machine-made functional quilting stitches or other elements that pierce all layers and are distributed throughout the work. 

Miniatures: Proportionally scaled down version of a large quilt design. 

Youth Quilts: Quilts made by youth ages 18 and younger can be submitted for this special category. Quilt tops must have been sewn by the youth and can be quilted or tied. All other registration guidelines apply. Please note the quilt-maker's age and other interesting information on the entry form. We encourage youth to embrace the art of quilt making and share their developing talents! This category is for exhibit only and will not be judged. 

For categories defined by quilting method: 

Home Sewing Machine includes use of any sewing machine that is table mounted/ stationary, allowing the quilter to move the fabric rather than the machine. 

Long arm/Midarm Machine includes any sewing machine mounted in a frame, allowing the quilter to move the machine head rather than the fabric.

All quilts must be pre-registered prior to Quilt Show.

Registration of Quilts for Exhibition is NOW FILLED for the 2017 Quilt Show.

Follow this link for Entry Requirements and Guidelines.


The exhibit is a secured facility and Village grounds are patrolled during the hours the exhibit is closed. While Sauder Village takes every precaution to protect all pieces brought in for the exhibit, we know you will understand that we cannot accept liability for them. Quilt owners are required to carry the appropriate insurance on their quilted pieces.

Awards & Judging

National Association of Certified Quilt Judges for the 2017 Sauder Village Quilt Show are Marcia Knopp and Linda Luggen.

Follow this link Quilt Show Judges to learn more about the judges. 

Member's Only Special Viewing of the Quilt Exhibit... 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Attend this member exclusive evening of a preview viewing of the Quilt Show exhibition and special exhibits. 

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