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Feature and Special Exhibits

Special collections of quilts.

Special Exhibits are collections of innovative and original work done by an individual or group of artists that represent contemporary or historic themes, concepts, ideas, techniques, educational and regional projects. 

Gastronomy - Feature exhibit at quilt show


SAQA Global Exhibition
Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

On loan from the Studio Art Quilt Associates, “Gastronomy” is the study of the relationship between food and culture, featuring not only the bountiful gifts from nature, but a gift from the human hand. The art of preparing unique, delicate food is a tradition passed from generation to generation around the world. Combining innovative ingredients, colors, textures, and flavors creates dishes pleasing to both the palette and the eye.

This unique traveling exhibit features the work of 40 globally diverse artists and was juried by sisters, Cecelia and Merce for Studio Art Quilt Associates.

Curated by 

Bits-Pieces-Challenge-Quilt-block-1Bits and Pieces: The Bilious Green Fight

Knot Even Quilters (KEQ)
Tecumseh, MI

Ann Stamm Merrell was a fiber artist who fought a hard battle against cancer.  She came to regard 'bilious green' as a symbol of her fight and we are challenged to use a bit of that color in our final pieces. We selected bits and pieces from the leftovers of her textile art and built our art based upon her starts. This challenge was a bridge to honor those who built textile art before us and gave us a base upon which we will continue to grow our art.

Knot Even Quilters
Our group is not a guild. We are an informal textile arts group, looking to learn from each other and spark new ideas for our creative endeavors. KEQ stands for Knot Even Quilters, from our beginning days as primarily quilters looking to expand our knowledge and skills. Our membership is free, always open and the numbers vary but usually we have 10-15 people involved at any one time. We are based in Tecumseh and currently meet on the third Thursday of the month at noon at Timeless Stitches.

Artistic Expressions in Quilt & Fiber Form: The Work of Sue Cortese

shibori Indigo Dye galleryThis special exhibit is a collection of Sue’s work, reflecting her passion for fabric dyeing and her unique transformation of that fabric into stunning works of fiber art. Her recent work centers around shibori and indigo dyeing. Shibori is a Japanese method of using pressure as a resist, creating a pattern when dyed. The Kumo or spiderweb pattern is a favorite shibori technique of Sue’s. The energy of the circular motif combined with the rhythm of the striped lines is something she finds interesting and pleasing.  Knowing various shibori techniques allows her work to take advantage of the different pattern and textures each produces. The use of natural indigo adds a touch of familiarity and a color used worldwide for centuries.

You won’t want to miss this exhibit! Join Sue for a Gallery Talk on Saturday, May 4 at 9 am where she will share details about her works on display.

Sue will be teaching several workshops during Quilt Show 2024. See the workshops listing for class offerings. 

bullseye quilts 2 Sue Cortese
hawaiian applique quilt sue cortese
bullseye quilt Sue Cortese