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Quilt Appraisals

Professional Quilt Appraisals given by Donna L. Kooistra

Donna Kooistra

Donna L Kooistra, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser and Former President of the Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Textiles, will be available to appraise newly constructed, antique, traditional, and non-traditional quilts for insurance replacement value, fair market value, and donation value. For many years, Donna has participated in classes and lectures on fabric dating and identification, technique, construction, documentation, ethics, and current trends to determine values of quilted textiles offered by national quilt organizations as well as those by local shops and appraisers. 

Donna is available for appraisals on Friday, May 3 by walk-in at the Sauder Village Quilt Show in Founder’s Hall.  

Written evaluations are $75 per quilt and verbal evaluations are $30 per quilt. Quilt Show admission is required to receive an appraisal.

If your quilt will be part of the Quilt Exhibit, you may choose to have it appraised during the show with a written appraisal sent via mail after the event. Appraisal registration and payment is required at the time of quilt submittal for the exhibit. 

Payments for walk-in appraisals will be made directly to Donna Kooistra.

Use this form for
2024 Exhibition Quilt Registration and Quilt Appraisal.