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Permission to Play! Quilt Challenge 2017

Theme: "Permission to Play"...

For many quilters, the enduring appeal of quilting involves both the process and the finished product.  The world around us constantly provides interesting design concepts, color schemes to explore, and new techniques to master.  In both life and quilting, we want to hold on to the best of the past while experimenting with creative new concepts.  We understand the comfort of making a familiar set pattern as well as the risky allure of improvisation.  Many of us wish we had the courage to try our hands at improvisation but are held back by doubts, so our 2017 challenge to you is to create an original design by combining traditional block patterns with improvisation.

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Permission to Play Quilt Challenge 2017

Construction Techniques: 

Each Permission to Play challenge entry must include a mix of traditional set pattern and modern improv.  This mixture allows you to approach improvisation in a manageable way by choosing one or more traditionally pieced blocks for your basic quilt structure.  Select a block size that allows room to play within the individual block units.  Creatively piece some or all of the individual shapes within the block and/or embellishing block units with appliqué, embroidery or other creative options; thereby creating your own interpretation of the pattern.  Borders and/or sashing may be added if desired.  All traditional blocks used in the challenge entry must be named on the exhibit tag.


Entry Requirements

Each entry must also comply with all entry requirements and guidelines of the Sauder Village Quilt Show, which may be found by following this link: Quilt Exhibition Entry Guidelines. Since this is a design challenge, each entry must be designed, pieced and/or appliqued by a single artist; entries that have been designed and the top constructed by more than one person will not qualify for judging.  If someone other than the quilt artist does the quilting, the quilter must be given credit on the “Quilted by” line on the entry form. 



Maximum 36” x 36” / Minimum 24” by 24”.  Your quilt can be any shape as long as the outside dimensions fall within these guidelines.



The idea for this challenge evolved from working with Jennifer Sampou’s Octagon Shimmer pattern.



For the 2017 challenge we have selected Hoffman’s ME + YOU hand-dyed batiks (there are multiple webpages of the challenge fabrics on the Hoffman website - use the number boxes at bottom of webpage to navigate to see all of the fabric options).  Challenge fabric bundles are available for purchase at Threads of Tradition Quilt Shop.  Each bundle will include six fat quarters. To qualify for the challenge each entrant’s quilt must include at least six ME + YOU hand-dyed batiks for the front and binding of the quilt.  The entrant may also include additional light neutral fabrics to complement their design.

We’d love to have you visit us personally to pick up your fabric bundle, but if that is not possible, challenge fabrics may be viewed online and ordered by calling Threads of Tradition Quilt Shop at 419-445-9610 or 800-590-9755 ext. 3011, or by email at quilts@saudervillage.org.  One fabric bundle of 6 fat quarters can be shipped to you for $24.50 including tax, shipping and handling.  Orders for more than one fabric bundle and/or additional yardage of any selected fabrics will be priced according to current retail prices.



Please register for the challenge by completing the quilt registration form, which will be available online January 25, 2017.  Your challenge quilt must be pre-registered.  Check in for all pre-registered quilts, including Challenge quilts, will be Sunday April 30, 2017 from 1:30-4:00 pm.  If it is not possible for you to hand deliver your entry, please complete the special shipping instruction form that is also available online and mail that form with your entry.

All qualifying Permission to Play challenge quilts will be hung together in a special exhibit in Founder’s Hall during the week of Quilt Show 2017.  Judging will be completed prior to opening of the Quilt Show.


Pick up:  

Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 4:30 pm at Founders Hall or Monday, May 8, 2017 at Threads of Tradition between 9:00 – 10:30 am unless other arrangements are made.  All entries must remain the entire length of the show.



Concerns and Questions: 

We know you’ll understand that we’ll take all reasonable care of your quilt, but cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.  For questions on the challenge, please contact us at Sauder Village:
Phone: 800.590.9755 or 419.445.9610
Email: Quilt Shop Manager at quilts@saudervillage.org
Mail: Sauder Village Quilt Show, P.O. Box 235, Archbold, OH 43502.
Location and UPS Address: 22611 State Route 2, Archbold, OH, 43502. 

Challenge Fabrics available at Threads of Tradition Quilt Shop



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