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Exhibition Entry - Advanced Shipping Information

Check-list for Shipping Quilt Exhibit entries. 

Please follow the instructions carefully for shipping your quilt(s) in advance of the Sauder Village Annual Quilt Show.

  1. Pre-Register your quilt(s) for the exhibit by completing the online Quilt Registration Form. A copy of the completed registration form must be included with your shipped quilts.

  2. Specify on Quilt Registration Form that you plan to ship your quilt(s) for the show.

  3. Complete the Advance Shipping Form and include a copy of the form with your shipment.
    2024 Quilt Shipping Form

  4. Prepare your quilt(s) for shipment. Use a strong, sturdy shipping box. Return shipped quilt(s) will be sent in their original container using original packing material. Include a completed copy of the Advance Shipping Form for your return shipment.

  5. Do NOT use packing peanuts or shredded paper as additional packaging material. Bubble wrap is okay. Packing materials must be easily reused for return shipment. We suggest folding and placing your quilt in a plain pillowcase.

  6. Ship your package to:
    ATTN: Quilt Show
    Sauder Village
    PO Box 235
    22611 St. Rt. 2
    Archbold, OH 43502

  7. Packages can only be sent to the above address. Plan for your package to arrive April 22 - 26, 2024. Quilts will be stored unopened until Sunday, April 28, when they will be opened and prepared by experienced quilt handlers for check-in. Please check with the shipper to ensure your package will arrive no later than Friday, April 26.

  8. Packages must be shipped pre-paid, including appropriate insurance coverage and delivery or signature confirmation (recommended).

  9. It is ideal if you or someone you have designated can pick up your quilt(s) after the close of the exhibit on Saturday, May 4, starting at 6:00 p.m. If your quilt(s) will be picked up after the show, you must note on the form who will be picking up your quilt(s).

Return Shipping Quilt(s) after the show? Follow these instructions:

  1. Ship via your preferred return-shipping carrier.
    • Contact FedEx Express or 800-463-3339.
    • Contact UPS or 800-PICK-UPS (800-742-5877).
    • Contact US Postal Service or 800-275-8777.
    • International Shipping, Global Express Guaranteed, services to 180 countries,
    • The proper shipping forms to be filled out and sent with your shipment may be found on their respective websites.
  2. prepaid return shipping label must be sent with your quilt(s) when you ship it to us. We recommend including insurance coverage and delivery or signature confirmation. A 3rd party shipping account number referenced on the return-shipping label is another option.

  3. Please do not submit cash, check or credit card information for return shipping. You must submit a PRE-PAID shipping label in order to have your quilt(s) returned to you. No CODs.

  4. The packing box you used to send your quilt(s) to us must be reusable to return ship the quilt(s) back to you.

  5. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the quilt owner and not Sauder Village.

For Canadian and other International shipments, please confirm with the carrier what documents need to be sent to us with your quilt(s) for return shipment to you. These documents will likely include:

  • a Customs Declaration or International Waybill
  • three (3) copies of a commercial invoice declaring the value and origin of the quilt(s) and
  • the appropriate wording to include on the exterior of the container to ensure the item is returned to you duty free and will clear Customs quickly (e.g., “Art item made in Canada, returning to Canada designer/owner”).

Quilt Advance Shipping Form PDF