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Quilt Registration - Quilt # 2

Notice: Quilt Registration opened February 1, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

NOTE: Please choose only ONE category for each quilt entry. Sauder Village reserves the right to change the category if deemed appropriate.

Qualification for Judging Competition: The quilt exhibitor must have had some part in the making of the quilt (constructing the quilt top, quilting or both).

For Exhibit Only: Any quilt that was purchased, inherited or gifted may be entered as “Exhibit Only”. Quilts in this category will not be judged. Any quilt maker who would prefer to enter their quilt as “Exhibit Only” are free to do so. Exhibit Only and judged quilts are hung together by category and the same entry guidelines will apply.

Quilt Entry #2:

REQUIRED INFORMATION for each quilt registered: 

Quilt Design Source (pick one):

Quilting Method – Select One:

Judged or Exhibit Only – Select One:


To eliminate confusion about category sizes, we have simplified the registration form. You pick the sewing technique and type of quilting, list the width and length, then the Jury Team will determine if your entry is a Small, Medium, or Large quilt. Each entry will be reviewed by the Judges in the appropriate category and ribbons will be given out in a total of 20 categories as well as specialty and Best of Show ribbons.

The Medium Category will continue to consist of only the “Pieced & Longarm/Midarm” sewing technique.

Select the Exhibit Category:

NOTE: Sauder Village reserves the right to change categories of any registered quilt if deemed appropriate.

Do you want this quilt appraised? Requires payment in separate form. You will get a link after clicking “submit” on this form.


By clicking the SUBMIT QUILT 2 registration, signifies agreement with the exhibit guidelines and allows Sauder Village the right to photograph yourself and this entry for publicity, education and/or promotional purposes in either print or electronic media.

Once you click on the button below, a thank you webpage will replace this webpage. You will then be prompted to make payment for an appraisal if that choice was made or submit Quilt 3. If this does not happen, please review your responses above and make sure ALL required fields are filled in.

Questions: Please call 1-800-590-9755.