Special ​Exhibits

A special collection of quilts.


Quilt As Desired

Curator Mary W. Kerr

Vintage tops have been "Quilted as Desired" by some of the best long arm quilters in our business. Together we have taken unremarkable vintage tops and created something magical! Enjoy this unique marriage of the old and new as the lines that divide our quilt worlds become blurred.

SAQA Ohio Region Gems

SAQA Ohio Region Gems is a collection of forty 8" x10" art quilts made by Studio Art Quilts Associates quilt artists from across the state of Ohio.  The goals of this exhibit are to educate quilt and art guilds statewide on various approaches and techniques used in art quilts, to serve as an outreach program for schools and youth groups, and to attract new members to SAQA and continue growing the art quilt world. Sauder Village is pleased to be one of the first venues to display this group of quilts featuring Ohio artists.