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Sauder Village Schoolhouse


Have you signed up for our new "Schoolhouse" event yet? Wondering what this big day is all about? Here is a sneak peak at just a few of the great classes you can choose from:

Educational TopicsWhat to do . . . and not do, back to basics, taught by the masters
Pam Buda - Making Do, Honoring our Quilting Heritage
Kathy Walch & Cathy Frick - Keeping Your Scraps Under Control
Louann Edmiston - Beginning Wool Applique
Debra L. Wick - Wool Applique on Cotton or Wool Backgrounds

Product TopicsWatch demonstrations of new tools and gadgets to make your quilting life easier.
Ann Rutter – Design Traditional Quilts with Today’s Technology

Technique Topics These techniques will help improve your skills and encourage you to try something new.
Barb Rufenacht – Layerd Patchwork
Nancy Beaverson – Not Granny’s Applique
Mary Clark – Intricate Applique Made Possible and Invisible Machine Applique
Jean Overmyer – Curved Piecing by Machine to Create Intricate Designs and Bobbinwork and Couching Decorative Threads

Sauder Village Schoolhouse Details:

Friday, May 3, 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Doors open at 8:30 am

Central Mennonite Church
21703 State Route 2
Archbold, OH 43502

Maximum:  300

  $49 includes lunch (for both members and non-members)
You will receive a nametag with your confirmation letter, which will serve as your pass to the event.


SauderVillageSchoolhouseNEW in 2019! 
Register for a day of quilting education and entertainment to learn about the latest trends and techniques, tools and technology.  Choose from multiple subjects taught simultaneously, and decide what you most want to learn!   Class topics are divided into three types:

  • Educational topics will cover the fundamentals of quilting
  • Technique sessions will show different methods to develop your quilting skills.
  • Product classes will demonstrate how the latest tools and notions can make your quilting easier and more accurate.

Doors  will open at 8:30 am.  You will receive your Schoolhouse booklet when you arrive, so come early and allow yourself some time to look at the class options and fill out your schedule for the day.  Your Schoolhouse booklet will list the full selection of classes, including times, instructors and topics.  In the booklet there will also be a page to help you plan your day.  Each session is held in its’ own classroom with presentations by a variety of nationally and locally known educators, artists and quilt business personalities.

 Featuring Pam Buda, Donna Kooistra, Electric Quilt Company and many others.

Your Schoolhouse registration will include lunch catered by Sauder Village and you may choose to eat in either of the two lunch sessions, we’ll leave the timing of your lunch break up to you.

A separate enrollment is required for each participant regardless of age.

A special Thank You to all the Schoolhouse presenters who are willing to share their passion for quilting to benefit all who attend!