Document Your Rugs

Document Your Rugs... Dates & Times to be announced. 

Whether you’re reading a book about antique textiles or visiting a museum’s textile exhibit… many of the textiles are labeled ‘maker unknown’. Just like quilters, the rug hooking world is working toward documenting all of our hooked rugs.

Here at Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village, it’s our first step in helping you to document your hooked rugs -- which we hope will soon become part of a national documentation program.

Who should document rugs
Artists & Makers, Descendants, Recipients of Gifts, Collectors, Sellers & Dealers, Family & Friends… in other words… Everyone!

Why document rugs
To record the history, stories, photos, techniques, & designs
before they are lost & for future generations!

We will schedule 15-20 minute time slots or appointments to help you to document your rug by… taking a photo of your rug and assign a numbered label which will be attached to your rug. That number will be added to your Documentation Form.

The form, attachments, picture and number will then be recorded.
The cost is $5.00 per rug, cash only (maximum 3 rugs per person). 

Here are the 3 simple steps to Document Your Rugs:

  1. Prior to Rug Hooking Week: print out the 6 page Document Your Rugs Form for each rug (max. 3) and fill-in as much information as possible (please print clearly). Document Your Rug Forms

  2. During Rug Hooking Week: come to Founder’s Hall - Information Table and sign up for a time slot/appointment.

  3. Prior to your appointment: arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment at the Founder’s Hall - Information Table (bring your rugs & a set of forms for each rug).

Please take time to gather the information well in advance of your appointment.
The documentation form & attachments will be collected at your appointment,
be sure to make a copy for your records.

In the years to come, someone will find a hooked rug in an attic or antique shop and wonder who hooked it. Don’t let that rug be yours, document your rugs. Sign up & Document!