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​Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits are collections of innovative and original works done by an individual or group of artists which represent contemporary or historic themes, concepts, ideas, techniques, and educational and regional projects.

Rug Hooking Week offers classes relevant to these exhibits so that you may gain insight and learn techniques directly from the artist, authority or curator. You will find more information on the classes listed with each exhibit and on the Retreat and Workshop pages.

Men Only... Mostly Exhibit
What Kerfuffle ? Hooked Rug

Men Only

June Myles has hooked a collection of over two dozen rugs which feature men. Why Men, you ask…it was by chance, pure chance. When she hooked the first man she did not have a series in mind but she was inspired by photographs and even obituaries. Her eye is always on the lookout for appealing men to add to the collection. She has never met any of the men who are featured in her rugs. So why was the topic of men so appealing, maybe because none of them needed to be entertained, fed dinner, or have their laundry done? Instead they are leaned on and walked on with nary a complaint! But she is quick to dispel any negative thoughts about men, as she really likes men and has lived much of her life among them – often as the sole female!

Curator – June Myles

Ralph W. BurnhamRalph Warren Burnham

While most rug hookers know the history of Edward Sands Frost and his rugs, few know about Ralph Warren Burnham from Ipswich, Massachusetts. Mr. Burnham was a collector, dealer, designer, and repairer of hooked rugs. In the late 1800’s, he had the foresight to know that antique hooked rugs had great value and with his innovative and creative ways he cleaned antique rugs and then preserved them by re-creating them.  His catalogs were excellent marketing tools, filled with popular floral, geometric and pictorial patterns, plus background information on hooked rugs, along with supplies and instructions.

This exhibit will feature a collection of the original copper plates used by Ralph Warren Burnham, from the private collection of Lisanne and Ron Miller of W. Cushing and Co., along with Mr. Burnham’s story, photos, catalogs, patterns, and much more. 

Curator – Lisanne & Ron Miller & Kathy Wright