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​Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits are collections of innovative and original works done by an individual or group of artists which represent contemporary or historic themes, concepts, ideas, techniques, and educational and regional projects.

Rug Hooking Week offers classes relevant to these exhibits so that you may gain insight and learn techniques directly from the artist, authority or curator. You will find more information on the classes listed with each exhibit and on the Retreat and Workshop pages.

Hooked on Words

hooked-on-words-400x400An exhibit of rugs with one common element: WORDS! You’ll see an amazing variety. Some rugs serve as signs; some welcome you or direct you; others commemorate events, people, pets, places, or ideas. And, some rugs have “secret” messages that will be visible only during our gallery talk.

Several rugs have only a word or phrase hooked in different styles of type and were used solely for teaching. Many of the rugs in this exhibit were featured in Ellen Banker’s new book “Hooked on Words: Inspiration, Techniques, & Projects.” While some rugs have recently been hooked and have not been seen before. These inscribed rugs were made by Ellen Banker and many other artists.

The book shares a combination of wonderful contemporary and historic hooked rugs that feature hooked words as titles, quotes, themes, and stories --- some serious and others are fun and humorous.

If hooking words interest you—from an initial to a poem, this exhibit will inspire you to add words to your next hooking project!

To accompany this exhibit, we are offering a 3 day Retreat and Gallery Talk.

Curator – Ellen Banker

One Loop at a Time

one-loop-400x400This exhibit is about how a health wake-up call propelled Meryl Cook on a creative journey to find and heal herself.

This inspiring collection of hooked mats represents finding the joy and opportunities that come with a life-changing event. It is about giving yourself permission to truly heal and to look after yourself. It is about becoming the person you were meant to be.

Meryl hopes her story and exhibit inspire you to look for your own heart singing adventures and to begin your own path of healing.

To accompany this exhibit, we are offering a 2 day Workshop and Gallery Talk.

Artist & Curator – Meryl Cook

The Power of Maya Women’s Artistry

power-of-maya-400x400'The Guatemala hooked rugs symbolize innovation, artistic endeavor and economic empowerment.   They represent the artist's journey towards transformation and self-discovery.'

These contemporary hooked rugs made by the textile artists of the Multicolores, Maya Women's Rug Hooking Cooperative in Guatemala, are multilayered and explore themes related to: culture, economy and artistry. Income from rug sales has offered an alternative to low paid employment, enabled mothers to combine working from home with looking after their children; helped to pay for school supplies, food, clothing, medical care and dentistry; helped families to start saving towards buying land and building a home. In the process of transforming rags into beautiful rugs the women have also transformed themselves. As their artistic talents were uncovered the women began to see themselves differently, more positively with improved self-esteem. 

To accompany this exhibit, we are offering a Gallery Talk and a Trunk Show (during the Hook-In).

Curators – Cheryl Conway & Reyna Pretzantzin

Wooly Pines for all Seasons

wooly-pines-400x400The beauty of evergreen trees throughout the countryside is a part of nature that we continue to admire. Our “Wooly Pines” allow you to bring this nature inside your home with the warmth of wool fabrics, wooden bases, and natural ornaments.

Four fabulous displays of seasonal Wooly Pines, complemented by wool mats, needle felted animals and gourd ornaments, will entice you to bring nature into your home for the year-round beauty that evergreens provide.

To accompany this exhibit, we are offering an Afternoon Workshop and Gallery Walk.

Curator – Mary Annunziato & Jackie Burke

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