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Workshops 2018


Workshops: (1/2-Day, 1-Day, 1 1/2 Day & 2-Day): Wednesday - Saturday, August 15 - 18, 2018

Workshop Registration...
Participate in a variety of exciting workshops, demonstrations, and talks taught by talented and highly respected instructors from all over the country & Canada.

Registration began on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 12pm noon (EST).

Rug hooker at workshop


  • Skill Level A “minimum” of basic rug hooking skills and knowledge is required in order to register for most workshops, some require additional skills. If you have never hooked or don’t have basic skills, we suggest our Basic Rug Hooking for Beginners workshop (Thursday) or any of the classes which don’t require prior experience. Note the “Level” in every class description. 
  •  Class Locations – in 3 buildings:  
    • 1) Sauder Heritage Inn (Sauder Village hotel)

      1st Floor-Homestead A&B, Lower level-Gathering A&B, Board Rm & Heritage Rm

    • 2) Founder’s Hall (location of exhibit & vendors)
      Stage Right & Left or Kitchen
    • 3) Museum (enter through Founder’s Hall)
  • Contact from Instructors – Only designated workshop instructors will contact registered students by February 1st (and any students who register after that date) regarding class projects and details, otherwise, all necessary info is in each class description. Note the “Instructors will contact students prior to class – Yes or No” in each class description.
  • Registration… A confirmation email will be sent to you after receipt of your registration and class fees. Included in the email will be your confirmation number that gives you priority in securing a roomat the Sauder Heritage Inn.
  • Supply Fees If required, these fees are in addition to the class fee and are payable to the teacher at the start of the class.
  • Students should bring… Supplies that are listed in each workshop description.
  • Complimentary admission…You will receive one-day of complimentary admission into the Rug Hooking Exhibit and entire Historic Village for each workshop you attend.  You may use your complimentary admission on day(s) of your choice. Admission for other days will require the purchase of an admission ticket.  If you have a rug on display in the exhibit, you will receive complimentary admission for Wednesday – Saturday.
  • Cancellation Policy…  Student retreat and workshop reservations are NOT TRANSFERABLE, all cancellations and registrations must be administered by Sauder Village. Cancellation prior to July 9, 2018 will receive a refund of your fees paid minus a 10% administrative fee. Cancelling students are responsible for any/all supply costs they have incurred with their instructor.  If classes do not meet the minimum number of students by July 31, 2018, we may be forced to cancel the class and all fees will be refunded.


follow the links below for workshop details.

If you are interested in a workshop that is Full - Sold Out, please let us know so you may be added to the waiting list. Contact Dawn Hauter at 800-590-9755 ext 3076 or to request being placed on the waiting list.

Wednesday, August 15 Workshops

(FULL-Sold Out)  Watercolor in Wool—Making Your Wool Work!   2-Day Workshop with Lisanne Miller

(FULL-Sold Out) 
Weave a Pin Loom Backing & Hook a Design   1-Day Workshop with Susan Feller

(FULL-Sold Out)  Mini Monochromatic in a Day  1-Day Workshop with Donna Hrkman

(FULL-Sold Out)  Color Planning Primitive Style Rugs   Evening Workshop with Carol DeCoteau

(FULL-Sold Out)  Savvy Shopper   Walk & Talk Evening Workshop with Nola Heidbreder

Quillies, Buttons & Beaded Broach 
 Evening Workshop with Nancy Z. Parcels

Gallery Talk Green Mountain Hooked Rugs Family & Contemporary Braided Art Rugs & Antique Braided Rugs – Our Beginnings with Stephanie Allen-Krauss/Mariah Krauss & Kris McDermet/Christine Manges

Thursday, August 16 Workshops

(FULL-Sold Out) Perspectives on Dyeing   2 Evenings Workshop with Pam Kirk, Stephanie Allen-Krauss & Mariah Krauss

Google Earth & Re-imagined a Challenge   
Exhibits - Gallery Walk with Linda Pietz & Susan Feller 

(FULL-Sold Out) Basic Rug Hooking for Beginners 
1-Day Workshop with Nola Heidbreder

After the Hooking Comes Braiding  1 1/2 -Day Workshop with Kris McDermet

Hooked on Words & One Loop at a Time   Exhibits - Gallery Walk with Ellen Banker & Meryl Cook

Friday, August 17 Workshops

Folk Art Inspired Geometrics  2-Day Workshop with Stephanie Allen-Krauss

(FULL-Sold Out) Textile Art of Gujarat  2-Day Workshop with Maddy Fraioli

Hook a Healing Mat 2-Day Workshop with Meryl Cook

Gallery Walk Wooly Pines for all Seasons & Landscapes of Our Lives & Graceful Pinecones with Mary Annunziato, Jackie Burke Lisanne Miller

Design & Hook a Decorative Mitten   1 Day Workshopwith Fritz Mitnick

Designing Rugs from Other Cultures   1 Day Workshop with Linda Pietz

(FULL-Sold Out) 
Filling Spaces  1/2 Day Workshop with Ali Strebel

(FULL-Sold Out)  Wooly Pine Tree  1/2 Day Workshop with Mary Annuziato & Jackie Burke

(FULL-Sold Out) 
Principles of Hooking Faces   Evening Workshop with Tish Murphy

(FULL-Sold Out) 
Pumpkin Jack or Snowman Clamp Evening Workshop with Teresa Miller

Gallery Talk - The Power of Maya Women’s Artistry & Celebrations 28with Mary Anne Wise & Susan Feller

Saturday, August 18 Workshops

(FULL-Sold Out)  Bianca - the Whimsical Sheep  1-Day Workshop with Anne Bond

(FULL-Sold Out)  Paisley Punch Needle Pin Keep  1-Day Workshop with Laurie Lausen

Braided U.S. Flag Mat  1-Day Workshop with Christine Manges

Hook a Zippered Pouch  1-Day Workshop with Sharon A. Smith

Three Sheets in the Wind  1/2 Day Workshop with Susan Gonzales

Mandala Design  1/2 Day Workshop with Trish Johnson

Maud Lewis & Jessie C. Kinsley Presentation with Kathy Wright

For the Workshops that are FULL (Sold Out)  – After November 15, 2018  please call to be put on the waiting list, 1-800-590-9755 x 3076 or email Dawn Hauter at Workshop openings can occur over the year.

  • Stay on-site… You are responsible to make your own lodging reservations at Sauder Heritage Inn or Campground, using a Booking ID # and Confirmation # that will be given to you with your workshop confirmation. These numbers will give you priority to make a reservation from a block of rooms and campsites being held for confirmed students, available on a first-come basis.
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  • Questions? Call 800.590.9755 or email