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Perspectives on Dyeing

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Green Mountain Hooked Rugs Team

Pam Kirk, Stephanie Allen-Krauss & Mariah Krauss, Montpelier, Vermont  

Dates:  2 Evenings – Thursday & Friday, August 16-17, 2018
Time:  6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Class Fee:  $125.00 / Sauder Village Member $115.00
Supply Fee: None
Location: Founder’s Hall – Kitchen
Teacher’s Website:


Description:  Often you will hear that every dyer has their own ideas, style and techniques. So which one is right and more importantly --- which one is right for you and your dye kitchen?

This dye workshop is a great opportunity to hear the different perspectives and the pros and cons of each and decide which is right for you. This teaching team will tackle topics including getting set up, simple techniques for getting the color you want and creating interesting effects in your rugs. There will be lots of hands on work and attention as there are 3 teachers!

Whether you are a new or experienced dyer, the instructors will have an assortment of dyeing supplies and equipment, available for purchase, to make your own dye kitchen complete.

What a great opportunity to learn from not “one” but “three” master dyers!


Teacher will contact students prior to class:  Yes

Level:   Everyone welcome, no prior dyeing knowledge or experience required.     

Supply description: None

Students Need to Bring:  A list will be sent out to students prior to class.



Pam Kirk is a fourth-generation textile artist and has been teaching rug hooking since 1971.  She learned how to rug hook and teach from her mother Anne Ashworth.

Pam's first foray into rug hooking came at the request of her mother - Anne needed someone to take over the rug hooking classes she had been teaching in the Wenham, Massachusetts area. With her background in art and love of creativity, Pam was the perfect person and for the next three months Pam embarked on an intensive course with her mother to learn everything she needed to know about rug hooking and dyeing wool. Pam went on to teach in the Beverly High School adult education program as well as the Essex Agricultural School even earning certification in occupational therapy from Framingham College along the way. Pam cites this time in her life as being particularly meaningful, "Rug hooking stretched me. I couldn't be as introverted teaching. It really taught me to trust the innate understanding and skills that I had that I didn't really know I had". In 1973, Pam founded her rug hooking pattern business, New Earth Designs".  She sold the business in 1983.  Pam is currently working on expanding the pattern line of “Green Mountain Designs”. This is collection of pattern designs using great-grandmother Moxley’s stamping blocks; designs by her mother, Anne Ashworth; designs by her sister Stephanie Allen-Krauss; her niece Mariah Krauss as well as Pam’s new designs.

In addition to her work as an artist, Pam has been a member of The Board of Directors for Green Mountain Hooked Rugs since 2013, helping to set the goals and strategy for the business each year.

Stephanie Allen-Krauss was only six when she learned to hook from her mother, Anne Ashworth, a nationally recognized rug-hooking teacher. This family tradition began with Stephanie’s great–grandmother, Philena Moxley, who created and stamped embroidery and rug patterns at her shop in Lowell, Massachusetts from 1865 to1882. As a fourth generation rug hooker, Stephanie took happily to the craft, learning to dye wool fabric as a teenager and then to repair antique hooked rugs in her early twenties.


In 2000, Stephanie opened a retail shop in Montpelier, Green Mountain Hooked Rugs, where she offers a wide variety of supplies for rug hookers, including bolts of wool, hand-dyed fabric, patterns, equipment, and books. Stephanie still repairs rugs and does custom dyeing, and over the past ten years has hooked more than 30 commissioned rugs. When time permits, she offers classes and occasionally travels around the country to teach.

She earned two bachelor’s degrees in education, and has held several offices in local, national and international rug hooking guilds.

In 2010, Stephanie received the Governor’s Heritage Award as best traditional artist in Vermont.

Currently, Stephanie is the President of Green Mountain Hooked Rugs and a board member.

Mariah Krauss, a fifth generation rug hooker with an artistic and creatively encouraging mother, has learned to put her own spin on four generations of rug hooking. She consistently tries to push herself to create new techniques, develop new ideas, and pioneer different styles of rug hooking.

Her first piece of note, Aries Woman, took basic swatch dyeing and shading techniques and amplified the processes to create a captivating product through which she has been able to connect with many viewers. She believes strongly that art is a language and as such is her outlet for emotions; with every piece she attempts to weave into the fabric a message. She loves to use color, contrast, and play with composition to achieve the desired result.

Aries Woman won her first Viewer's Choice Award as well as Museum Choice Award at the Hooked in the Mountains Exhibit in Shelburne, Vermont, and was her first submission to Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs appearing in the XXII issue and winning Viewer's Choice Award for best original design. Since then she has refined and improved her pattern making, shading, and dyeing techniques and hopes to further her ideas in the future while capturing the moments that mean the most.

Mariah is a board member of Green Mountain Rug School, is a member of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild in Vermont, teaches high school physics, chemistry, and special education at Westbrook High School in Westbrook, Maine and coaches soccer in her free time.


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