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Pop-out-of-the-Frame Needle Felted Tulips


Wendo Van Essen
Prescott, Ontario, Canada 

Dates:  1 day – Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Class Fee:
$125.00 / Sauder Village Member $115.00
Supply Fee:
$45.00 - payable to teacher at the beginning of class
Founder’s Hall – Stage Left
Teacher’s Website:    



In this day long workshop we will create a fabulous jump out at you field of vibrant tulips.  Using the technique called Needle felting, we will build up a 3 dimensional landscape measuring 5 x 7.  Wendo will take you through each step from adding the background colors to the final fully 3 D tulips at the front of your piece. We will complete this gorgeous work of art in class!

The felting needle is a special needle that has a VERY sharp point and notches cut in the stem of the needle.  These notches are cut in one direction, so when you punch the needle through the fiber, it will force whatever you’re punching in and through the felt background and come away without bringing any fiber with it.

The point is very fragile so when you punch, you have to push straight up and down…no side to side or trying to move fiber with it.  Felting needles come in different sizes but Wendo uses the “medium” size 38 almost exclusively.  Too fine a needle and you have to work a lot longer to get something done and too heavy duty a needle and you have to force the needle in and it creates larger holes.

Wendo will have everything you need for this workshop.  A kit will include all fiber, needles, the background and a piece of upholstery foam to work on.  The foam is necessary as a base to work on because you punch the needle through the piece and into the foam…not into the table or your knees….this is a good thing!  There will be many different colors to choose from in the creation of your tulips.  You will also receive a shadow box wooden frame to mount your work of art in at the end of the workshop.

Wendo has been teaching this truly amazing technique almost as long as she’s been creating with it.    It’s incredibly easy to start and once you’ve started, you are an expert!  Seriously!  The one issue with Needle felting is that it is very addictive so don’t blame Wendo when you want to keep making more!


Teacher will contact students prior to class:

Level:  Everyone welcome, no prior experience required. This class is open to both adults and children (age 12 and older).

Supply description:  Felting needles, a large assortment of 70% merino/30% mohair wool fiber to choose from (this fiber is what a spinner uses to make yarn out of), a craft felt background, a piece of upholstery foam to work on, & a wooden frame for your finished piece.

Students Need to Bring: A small pair of scissors.

Bio:  Wendo's 'day job' was classical animation.  It was a great job that took her around the world for 32 years.  When the swing to computer took its toll on the animation industry, Wendo needed to find something that would fill that need to create.  While working in Berlin, she came across several galleries full of Mongolian art.  The art of Felt Making.  Seeing these amazing works of art done in wool fiber inspired Wendo to take a class back in Canada in early 2002.  Since then she has been creating wonderful fantastical landscapes and animal caricatures in needle felted wool.


Registration started at 10 am on January 9th, 2019
Follow this link for information on the registration form:
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