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“Special Exhibit – Wide Cut Realism & Special Exhibit Island Life - Old & New"
by Judy Carter & C. Susan Ferraro”
Gallery Talk



Judy Carter & C. Susan Ferraro

Morning Gallery Talk

Dates:  Morning– Friday, August 14, 2020
Time:  9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Class Fee:  $30.00 / Sauder Village Members $25.00  
Supply Fee:  None
Location:  Founder's Hall - Exhibit Hall
Teacher’s Website:  Judy's website:

Gallery-talk-rug-hooking-week-Feller-HrkmanDescription:  This Gallery Talk will focus on the:

Special Exhibit – Wide Cut Realism (see the Special Exhibit page for more info)

Special Exhibit – Island Life – Old & New (see the Special Exhibit page for more info)

Speakers & Curators: Judy Carter & C. Susan Ferraro

Gallery Talks - Each year we present significant collections of work featuring noteworthy artists – both contemporary and historic. These collections offer interesting topics, remarkable techniques, geographic influences, and fascinating stories. Gallery Talks are a rare opportunity to see the exhibits through the eyes of the designer, creator, curator, authority, or descendant. Gallery Talks are also an exceptional learning tool -- learn how to take the aspects that you admire and apply them to your own work. Or if you are a collector, learn more about the rugs you are collecting.

This presentation will take place in the exhibit hall, so that the speakers can refer to individual rugs, discuss interesting details and reveal little known facts. At the end of the Gallery Talk, the speakers will be happy to answer your questions -- so come prepared. Seating will be provided throughout the Gallery Talk.



For more information on Exhibits and Speakers, please see the Exhibit page. For classes relevant to these exhibits, please see our Retreat and Workshop pages. 

Teacher will contact students prior to class:

Level:  Everyone welcome, no prior rug hooking knowledge or experience required. 

Supply description: None