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“Take Your Landscape Pattern to the Next Level”  Workshop



Cindi Gay

Pemberville, Ohio 

Dates:   1 day – Saturday, August 15, 2020
Time:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Class Fee: $125.00 / Sauder Village Members $115.00  
Supply Fee: None
Location: Heritage Inn - Homestead B
Teacher’s Website: 

Pemberville-hooked-rug-Cindi-GayDescription:  Once you know the secrets, hooking a realistic landscape is simple. This one-day workshop will concentrate on creating your pattern and preparing to hook it.

Students will leave the class with a custom pattern and a plan for hooking it. Create depth in the sky and on the ground by changing the value, temperature and brightness of a color. Learn how to add simple lines that tweak your hooking after it is complete to bring a real sense of depth to your hooking.

Add real impact to your landscapes by calculating shadows that may not show up in your reference photo. Shadows create a sense of the sun shining. The darker the shadow, the brighter the sun. But what if you don’t have a photo with the perfect shadows? Cindi will show you how to add shadows using simple tools such as a ruler and architect’s 30-60-90 triangle.

Add tiny details, such as a flower box, without fussing with tiny cuts of wool. Did you know that most of the Village of Pemberville (see photo) is hooked primarily with #6-#8 cuts? Hook realistic windows using a special wool that does all the work. Learn Cindi’s favorite tip on hooking roofs, especially when you don’t have the perfect wool.

About a month before class, Cindi will host an online lesson (with a replay available for those who cannot attend live) to help you get the process started. That way when you arrive at class, you will have the bones of your custom pattern complete. The class will be about adding the finishing touches.


Hooked-Scenic-vest-Cindi-GayTeacher will contact students prior to class:  Yes

Level:  Intermediate – students must have basic rug hooking knowledge & experience.    

Supply description:  None

Students Need to Bring:  A full size, rough draft of their pattern. (Cindi will teach you how to create this pattern in her online video class held prior to Rug Hooking Week. So students will need access to the internet.) Also bring your reference photos, a yard stick, pencils, Sharpie marker, paper, tape and scissors (for paper).


Bio: Cindi has a special place in her heart for Sauder Village. She attended her first class here after hooking for only a month. She hasn’t missed a year since.

After leaving a high stress job as a construction project manager and estimator, Cindi found rug hooking while watching TV. She read every book she could find and scoured the internet in 2000. There wasn’t much out there so the next year she put up a website to document what she was learning.

Today Cindi has two main websites with a blog, online store, podcast, rug hooking courses and a membership for ongoing education. She broadcasts weekly on Thursday at 6 p.m. EST, delivering a new lesson every week and taking questions about the topic she is teaching. You can register on her website and learn more about learning rug hooking online.

Cindi prefers to teach online or in her studio just east of Bowling Green, Ohio. Cindi stopped teaching regularly on the road in 2018. Sauder Village is the only public workshop Cindi will be teaching in 2020.