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Main Exhibit

for Rug Hooking Week 2021

Everyone is invited to submit rugs in the Main Exhibit.

Pre-registration is required in one of the following categories: 
Register your rugs starting on March 1st.

  • Animals / Birds / Insects 

  • Fruit / Floral 

  • Orientals / Crewel / Geometric 

  • Originals... designed & hooked by the same person  

  • People / Places / Pictorials

Please note: The above listed categories are only for flat hooked work, framed or unframed.

  • Mixed Media...

    1) Artwork made using more than one medium (techniques and/or materials).

    2) Artwork which is multi-dimensional such as: footstools, purses, clothing, dolls, pillows, make-do’s, tea cozies, jewelry, etc.

    3) Artwork using techniques other than hooking or in addition to hooking, such as: braiding, needle felting, proddy, punch needle, punch hooking, quilling, ruching, shearing, wool appliqué, etc.

    4) Artwork hooked with various materials other than or in addition to wool such as: plastic, ribbon, paper, wood, yarn, fabrics, etc.

    5) Artwork relating to fiber art such as rug journals, etc.

Rug Registration Note: If the design of your piece is an adaptation, reference this in the "interesting information" about your rug on the Rug Exhibition Registration form and register the piece in the category best fitting for the design. Adaptations are not to be included in the "original" category.