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Michele Micarelli Retreat

“The Magic of Michele Micarelli & David Galchutt”

Michele Micarelli

Michele Micarelli
New Haven, Connecticut

“The Magic of Michele Micarelli & David Galchutt”

4 Day Retreat:

Tuesday – Friday, August 17 – 20, 2021
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
$350.00 / Sauder Village Members $330.00
Heritage Inn – Homestead B




Wow, Michele Micarelli's colors and David Galchutt's artwork. This retreat is truly a joyous combination! 

David Galchutt is a native southern Californian, who has been living on the Oregon coast for about six years. He was an illustrator for over 30 years and designer in the giftware industry, all while pursuing his own art. 

Hooked Artwork Inspired by David Galchutt is a Feature Exhibits this year, see Feature Exhibits for more info.

In this retreat, students will be creating hooked artwork inspired by David Galchutt’s outstanding illustrations and paintings. Learn how to skillfully use fibers to capture David’s incredible details and wonderfully imaginative subjects. Several hooked Galchutt pieces have been featured in Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs and Rug Hooking Magazine.

Students will select from 25 amazing Galchutt designs. If you already own a Galchutt pattern, you may send that pattern to Michele to color plan. If you don’t have a Galchutt pattern, you will order it directly from Leanne Sitler of LC’s Wool ‘n Silk, and it will be sent to Michele. Michele will then color plan and kit the rug, then send it directly to you. If you wish to use fine yarns and other suitable materials you can let Michele know if you are open to that when she contacts students. You may bring bits, pieces and swatches of your own wool, if you wish. As these designs and color plans are complex, please order your pattern ASAP. In class, Michele will also have lots of wool, patterns and other supplies for your shopping pleasure.

Micarelli-Michele-celebration-29-Half-2020These designs are intricate and will require small cuts ranging from #3 - 4, and patience. They’re also the perfect project to elevate your skills in contrast and shading. Michele is well known for removing your fears and replacing them with some colorful fun! These rugs come together beautifully and are truly works of art when completed.


Intermediate to Advanced - Students must have a good rug hooking knowledge and experience.

STUDENTS NEED TO BRING:  Basic hooking supplies: a frame, scissors, cutter, cutter blades #3 - 4, and a hook for small cuts. Also, bring your kit (pattern with wool), which will be sent to you prior to the retreat. Optional: bits, pieces and swatches of your own wool and fibers that you would like to use in this project.





Michele Micarelli is a certified rug hooking teacher whose main objective is to unleash creativity. The classes she teaches are full of storytelling, imagination exercises, and laughter. She has been a rug hooker since 1991 and prefers using 3, 4 and 5 cut wool and linen for lots of detail.

She started rug hooking because of her childhood memories of rugs her father hooked. Her other loves are her family, the making of Sailor’s Valentines (seashell art), beading, doll making, painting, collecting, steampunk art, and gardening. 

Michele is proud to have served on the A.T.H.A. Region 1 board of directors for ten years. She is past President of the Northern McGown Teacher’s Workshop. She served as a judge for 15 years of Craft’s Adventure in New England and is pleased to have had her rugs appear in many editions of Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs and has also been a judge. She has been inducted into the Celebrations Hall of Fame. Her rugs appear in books by Linda Coughlin, Jessie Turbayne, Mary Sheppard Burton, Amy Oxford and Rae Harrell. She has also been in several issues of Rug Hooking Magazine with articles that featured her dying skills and rugs made with imagination. 


Micarelli-Michele-sun-stool-Quarter-2020A teacher at many workshops, she has taught at Off the Ocean, Shelburne Museum, The Highlands Rug School, The ATHA Region 1 Rug School, Rugs by the Sea, the Burlington Ontario Rug School, Cambria Pines, The Star of Texas, Little River School, The Green Mountain Guild School, Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village, and The Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia, among many others.

She was honored by The Green Mountain Guild in the “Strong Woman” show and has received the “Silver Hook Award” from the Newtown Historical Society Rug Show for her devotion to promoting fiber arts. She was named “Hooker of the Year” By the Rug Hooking Museum of North America in Queensland, Nova Scotia where she is also a director at large.

Registration starts at 10 am on November 18, 2020
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