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“Contemporary Quilling – Australian Style” Workshop


Kira Mead

Albany, Western Australia 

Dates: Evening – Thursday, August 19, 2021 
Time: 6:30p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Class Fee: $75.00 / Sauder Village Member $65.00  
Supply Fee: See Below
Location: Historic Village - Museum
Teacher’s Website:

Mead-W1Description: This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from Kira Mead, a talented Australian textile artist. The workshop format is also unique, Kira will be teaching via video, with the in-classroom assistance of Susan Feller. They make a great team and you will enjoy this chance to take an international hands-on workshop.

Here in the states, Quilling or Standing Wool is known as the rolling of pre-cut wool strips to make jewelry, embellish hooking projects, or form mats. But in Australia, Kira is well-known for developing Quilling in a distinctive, ingenious, imaginative, & beautiful form of textile art, not to mention, applying Quilling in a much larger format!  

This workshop will start with the basics of Contemporary Quilling, which is an adaptation of a traditional technique. Topics to be covered include: suitable materials, techniques, assembly, backing, framing and hanging. Students will then practice Contemporary Quilling techniques and create a mug size trivet.

Once you grasp the fundamentals and materials, you are then ready to create rugs, hangings, home furnishings, 3-D sculptures, decorations and jewelry, as well as much larger works. Unlike the materials used here in the states, Kira uses heavier materials which allow you to create more free form designs which support themselves. 

Instead of traveling all the way to Australia, come join Kira here at Sauder Village, and create textile art… Australian style! 

Mead-W2Teacher will contact students prior to class:  Yes

Level: Basic – students must have basic hand sewing knowledge & experience. (There is no rug hooking involved, so no rug hooking experience required.) 

Supply description: None. However, students will need to bring or purchase items listed below. Susan will offer the specific type and weight of wool for this project for $10. After the workshop, students will also receive private access to this workshop video via Kira’s YouTube channel, as a resource.

Mead-W3Students Need to Bring: Rotary cutter, rotary cutting board, rotary ruler, beading needle, thread (cotton or polyester, upholstery or linen thread, straight pins, & fabric scissors. Optional: students may bring a colorful wool for sharing; additional details will be provided about the specific type & weight of wool, when the teacher contacts you. Or you can purchase the wool for $10. (If you do not have or don’t wish to purchase a rotary cutter/board/ruler, there will be one available in class for sharing. FYI… Many of these supplies are available for purchase at the Sauder Village - Threads of Traditions Quilt Shop. Susan will provide instructions on how to pre-order supplies, when she contacts students.)

Mead-W4BIO: Since 2014, Kira Mead has been creating Standing Wool/Quillie rugs and wall hangings in Western Australia.

She has held demonstrations for the Australian Rugmakers Guild and was Guest Artist at the Perth, Western Australian Art & Craft Fair, 2016. Kira has published articles in the American based international publication Rug Hooking Magazine and images of her work were included in Tracy Jamar’s book – Coils, Folds, Twist & Turns, published in 2018.

In additional to developing and adapting the technique of Contemporary Quilling, Kira became one of the founding members of the Global Textile Hub in 2017, along with Jo Franco and Judi Tompkins. Together they run a Fibre Challenge resulting in an online Gallery Exhibition, which debuted at Rug Hooking Week. Kira has also produced artist interviews and instructional videos on her YouTube channel – Kira Mead.


Registration starts at 10 am on November 18th, 2020
Follow this link for information on the registration form:
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