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Exhibitor Registration 2022

Registering Exhibit Entry Information for Rug Hooking Week Exhibit 2022
This event has passed.

Feature / Special / Celebration / Group:         March 30th (Noon, EST) to June 15th
 Main:    May 2nd to July 29th

NOTE:  One Registration form per Exhibit/Rug entry. 

Registration is 2 STEPS

Step 1: Contact information form.

Step 2: Submission entry form.
Select the category that best fits your exhibit art piece and carefully type in your information, some of which will be used on the exhibit description cards

  • Main Exhibit - Select the Main Exhibit category that best fits your piece. For more info: Main Exhibit - Registration began March 30, 2022. Follow this link to register: EXHIBIT REGISTRATION
  • Feature / Special / Celebration / Group Exhibits – When registering, go to the exhibit category then select the appropriate sub-category from the drop-down box. Registration webpage will be available May 1, 2022.


Complimentary Admission:  All pre-registered exhibitors will receive one complimentary admissions pass to the Rug Hooking Week Exhibit & Vendors plus the historic Sauder Village, valid Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. You may pick up your admission pass in Founder’s Hall on Monday, when you drop off your exhibit pieces, or Wednesday - Saturday at the Founder’s Hall Admission Desk. Thank you for your contributions to this year’s exhibit, we know that everyone will enjoy seeing your work!

Updates:  There is a limited number of entries when the maximum number is met or a change to the registration deadlines, the status will be noted here and on our Facebook page. To receive updates, “follow” our Facebook page: Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village

Group Exhibits:  Instructions are on our Group Exhibit webpage. Your group coordinator must follow the instructions by the deadline and receive confirmation, before any Group Exhibit rugs may be registered. Contact your group coordinator with any questions. 

Security: Founder's Hall, the exhibit hall, is a secured facility and Sauder Village grounds are patrolled after hours. While Sauder Village takes every precaution to protect all pieces brought in for the exhibit, we know you will understand that we cannot accept liability for them. Rug owners are required to carry the appropriate insurance on their hooked pieces of art.

Questions:  Email your Exhibit Registration questions to:

Submitting your signed registration signifies agreement with the exhibit guidelines and allows Sauder Village the right to photograph this entry for publicity, education and/or promotional purposes in either print or electronic media.