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Special Exhibits 2022

for Rug Hooking Week 2022
This event has passed.

Special Exhibits are collections of innovative and original works done by an individual or group of artists which represent contemporary or historic themes, concepts, ideas, techniques, and educational and regional projects.

Rug Hooking Week offers classes relevant to these exhibits so that you may gain insight and learn techniques directly from the artist, authority or curator. You will find more information on the classes listed with each exhibit and on the Retreat and Workshop pages.

Special Exhibit - Island rug - holding lobster

Island Life – Old & New

There are many interesting stories about living on what the locals call “the rock”. Bailey Island is a little island off the coast of Maine with old salty fishermen who have braved many cold and icy winters making a living on their boats. Generations of families still live here and island kids who safely play with friends somewhere around home, frequently stop by just to enjoy a chat.

Special Exhibit - Island - starfish and stones rug

Special Exhibit - Fishermen rug

Bailey Island residents are truly genuine and live a wonderfully simple life. The General Store and Post Office remain local meeting places where stories will never end. This, paired with endless unspoiled ocean views, is where I get my inspiration from.

Special Exhibit - Island Ferraro  WebC. Susan Ferraro’s rug hooking designs reflect what she sees, hears, and feels. Quilting and assorted embellishments add unexpected dimension with a bit of whimsy. There is passion portrayed in each piece of art.

The stories will be told for many years to come.

Artist: C Susan Ferraro


Classes:  To accompany this Special Exhibit, we are offering a Workshop and Gallery Talk, for more information see our Workshop page.

Stories in Wool 

Special Exhibit - Stories -self portraitRemember the time when Aunt Florence told Uncle Nick there was a goat standing in the peach cobbler, the amazing hairstyles that Elaine donned each decade, and how Grandma Ursula never quite shared her real recipe for meatballs? Did you know you can hear messages from the Universe if you spend more time listening in nature and to animals? The dream I had last night was amazing, in full floral and colors you wouldn’t believe...”

They start with one drawing and a piece of linen followed by two hooks, two needles, a lot of wool and a ton of heart. They are two sisters who love to collaborate and create original pieces by combining their individual styles, imagery, stories and memories.

This collection of collaborative work began in the spring of 2020. Lisa was sketching, creating collages and rug hooking for many years already. Michelle, a lifelong painter, was introduced to needle felting and hooking by her sister a few years ago and has been smitten ever since. Then one day it just happened, sitting side by side, they found themselves working on the same piece. The drawings just started to flow and color planning conversations were had with the understanding that they would be creating these pieces together.

Special Exhibit - Stories rug - donkey and sheep

Special Exhibit- Stories hooked rug

They incorporate textured and hand-dyed woolens and their own hand-dyed roving and wool. Their combined hooked and felted work is full of whimsy, nostalgia, comfort, hope, and love. They are Heart-hooked Sisters and they are telling their stories in wool.

Lisa Bleier & Michelle Cavalcanti grew up in the same house but spending most of their lives apart, and now find themselves in the same city with a shared love of working with their hands and each other. Their work is personal but they hope it touches the hearts of others. If you are standing there smiling or thinking about what story is being remembered or told, they are happy.

Artist: Lisa Bleier & Michelle Cavalcanti, the Heart-hooked Sisters


Classes: To accompany this Special Exhibit, we are offering a Gallery Talk, for more information see our Workshop page.

Special Exhibit - Stories - Cavalcanti & Bleier