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Back to Basics Dye Class


Cindi Gay  Pemberville, Ohio       

Dates:  Evening – Wednesday, August 16, 2023 
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 
Class Fee: $65.00 / Sauder Village Members $55.00
Supply Fee: $40.00 - payable to teacher during class
Location: Founder’s Hall – Dye Kitchen
Teacher’s Website: & 



Rug-Hooking-Dyeing-Gay-Wed-AThis workshop is designed for the new wool dyer. Instead of trying to cover all the ways you can apply dye to a wool, Cindi will explain the science behind dyeing and show you the most used methods. 

This workshop will be part hands on, and part demo. You may be preparing a recipe, pouring a spot dye or gathering wool for marbleizing. Once you know the basic rules of dyeing (the why’s) you can break the rules and experiment with different methods.  All you need is time, temperature, and acid. You need all three, but how you get there is up to you.

Some of the dye methods Cindi will cover are:

Pot Dyeing - This is the most common form of dyeing. Cindi will explain why we should or should not stir for a full minute, why we need to soak the wool prior to dying it and how to avoid white core.

Marrying and Marbleizing - what is the difference? Cindi will cover how to dye wool using this method (no dyes required) and how use them by changing useless wool into great backgrounds, expanding your stash of useful wool with just one dye session.

Rug-Hooking-Dyeing-Gay-Wed-BPenny Dyeing – is another non-dye method that is useful for all kinds of rug hooking. Penny dyeing will make the wool generally darker and duller. This is the perfect wool for hooking in your initials and the year.

Spot Dyeing - How to dye this type of wool is one thing, how to use it is another. We’ll talk about how to choose the colors, apply them to the wool and then how to use the wool in your rug hooking.

Documenting your recipes - Cindi will share with you how she documents her recipes.

Got a color you want to match?  Bring a large piece of it. We will talk about some tips for matching colors and we will attempt to match a few colors during the class.

Cindi will be using pre-dissolved PRO Chem dyes in just 5 colors. This is the method she teaches in her online Virtual Dye Class and in her book Dyeing by the Numbers. It makes using the dyes more convenient and safer.

Both of Cindi’s dye books will be available for purchase, but are not required for the course.

Rug-Hooking-Dog-Gay-Wed-CTeacher will contact students prior to class:  No

Level: Everyone welcome, no prior rug hooking or dyeing knowledge or experience required.      

Supply fee description: Instructional hand-out with instructions & recipes, and a yard of natural wool.  

Students Need to Bring: An apron &/or wear clothes that you won’t mind getting stained, & wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for part of this workshop. Optional:  a few canning jars & lids (8 oz) would be useful for bringing home any unused dye and Pennies (several dollars worth) or small scrap pieces of copper pipe.


Bio: Cindi first applied her observant eye and art training to rug hooking in 2000. She began teaching almost immediately, at first learning just enough to stay ahead of her beginner students, and later deepening her knowledge of how to transform wool into art.

After teaching on the road for almost 2 decades, Cindi limited her in-person teaching to home and online. The front door of her farm house opens directly into her studio. This is a rare opportunity to take an in-person class.

By combining her love of rug hooking and computers, Cindi delivers rug hooking information to the public in the form of a podcast, blog, online courses, membership, and Live! Hook-ins and Lessons. Visit her website to learn more.

To get a sense of Cindi’s teaching style visit her YouTube channel. 

Cindi is a McGown Certified Teacher and strives to make what she is teaching understandable for everyone.  She is patient with everyone and welcomes beginners who are willing to learn as well as experienced rug hookers to her classes. 

She has published three books, Dyeing Without Dye, Dying by the Numbers and Pictorial Basics: Pine Trees, Grass and Sky.  Her landscape rug, The Village of Pemberville, was featured in Celebrations of Hand-Hooked Rugs and later won People’s Choice that year in Rug Hooking magazine as well as first place at the McGown Biennial in 2004.



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