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Feature Exhibit

for Rug Hooking Week 2023

Feature Exhibits pay tribute to the work of outstanding contemporary and historic artists. Each of these extensive collections offers a wonderful and rare opportunity to study closely the techniques, colors, designs, materials, and in-depth story of talented artists.

Classes:  Rug Hooking Week offers classes relevant to these exhibits so that you may gain insight and learn techniques directly from the artist, authority, or curator. You will find more information on the classes listed with each exhibit and on the Retreat and Workshop pages.


The Golden Age of Illustrated Fairy Tales

The Fairy Tales Project began with the goal of hooking rugs based on the art of the Golden Age of Illustration. The project was carried out by certified teachers of the National Guild of Pearl K McGown Rug Hookrafters from the United States, Canada, and Japan - known for their expertise in both the art and craft of rug hooking. This project was part of the ongoing continued education and advancement of skills through the McGown Teachers Workshops, and is a traveling exhibit in late 2022 through 2023.

goats-fairy-tale-hooked-rugGolden Age Illustrations were created between 1880’s and 1920s, and are both whimsical and sophisticated – created by the top artists of the time, such as Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Ida Rentoile Outhwaite, and others.,

Designed to delight both children and adults these illustrated books sold from ten cents to over five hundred dollars and were wildly popular. Now largely forgotten, the pictures changed the way people saw the world and viewed literature and art. Recreating this art into hooked rugs challenged the fiber artist to learn new ways to view both art and hooking.

This exhibit features over 100 fascinating and amazing works.

Curators: Melissa Pattacini & Robin Rennie

Melissa Pattacini & Robin Rennie developed and co-chaired the Project & Exhibit.

Melissa Pattacini – owner of Honey Bee Hive Designs a rug hooking pattern and supply business, which offers more than 2,800 patterns from 30 designers. Melissa is the Administrator and pattern supplier for the McGown Teacher Certification Program.

Robin Rennie - A certified McGown rug hooking teacher since 2005, serves as Executive Advisor on the Board of Directors for the McGown National Rug Hooking Guild, and is a member of Southwestern Michigan Rug Hookrafters, McGown Guild - Chapter 2, and Woolwrights Rug Hooking Guild, ATHA – Chapter 110.                 

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