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“Itsy Bitsy Spider” Braiding Workshop


Christine Manges, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania    

Dates:  1 day – Wednesday, August 14, 2024 
Time:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..
Class Fee: $130.00 / Sauder Village Members $120.00
Supply Fee: $90.00 - payable to teacher during class
Location: Founder’s Hall – Stage Left
Teacher’s Website:




Start your Halloween early with this cute 12” braided spider & web trivet or 16” chair pad! The smaller trivet project is designed for beginners, while the larger chair pad project is designed for those who already have some basic braiding experience.

Trivet --- Using a kit of pre-folded strips, braid a trivet and learn the basics of braiding round rugs as well. The Sizzix-cut spider is glued onto the braids at the end.

The web’s center is braided with hand-dyed wool in a variety of Halloween colors. The braiding strips are pre-pressed to make the braiding process easy, even for beginner braiders. Learn how to braid a round rug – which starts the same, whether trivet, chair pad, or room-sized rug – as you braid the center of the trivet.

Manges-cobweb-chairpadThe web is created by adding an additional black braid, and the spikes of the web are made by braiding corners.  Finish both braids with a simple blunt ending. 

Glue on the web from which the spider dangles and the Sizzix-cut spider with fabric glue.

Chair Pad --- while this project starts the same as the trivet, it then has 5 butted rows to make a spider web chair pad. This project requires some basic prior braiding experience, and the teacher will assist with butting the braids via the Triangle Butt.

When students are contacted by Christine, they will be asked which project (trivet-beginner or chair pad-basic) is appropriate for their level of experience.

You can expect to finish – or almost finish -- the trivet in class & it’s ready for the Halloween season!  The chair pad will probably require a few more hours of work.

Teacher will contact students prior to class:  Yes

Level:  Please note: this class is open to 2 levels of BRAIDERS – depending on the project you select:

Beginners - Everyone welcome, no prior braiding knowledge or experience required. 

Basic - Students must have basic braiding knowledge & experience.

Supply description:  Illustrated handout, wool to complete the project (hand-dyed in 3 colorways of your choice, as-is black, with braiding strips cut & pre-pressed with edges turned to the center), lacing cord, lacing needle, tapestry needle, thread, glue, pre-cut spider, & hanging web strip.

3 colorway choices: 

1.  Yellow/orange/red (shown in photo)

2.  Lavender/pale pink/fuchsia pink

3.  Yellow-green/chartreuse/green  

Students Need to Bring:  Scissors, sewing needle, & reading glasses-if needed. Optional: If you have a braid clamp or braid stand, bring it - or borrow one from instructor. More info on optional supplies when teacher contacts you.


Bio:  Christine Manges has been a rug braiding artist for almost 20 years, and an author and teacher for the past 12 years.  She co-authored the book, Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding with Kris McDermet and Dianne Tobias. In 2018, Christine and Kris also collaborated on the Contemporary Braided Art Rugs featured exhibit at Sauder Village. Her work has been featured in several fiber art exhibits in her home city of Pittsburgh as well as in the Schwenkfelder Museum in Pennsbury, PA. 

Christine was a founding member of the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild and initiated its incorporation as a non-profit in 2020. Since then, she has served as its President and Chair of Education; she has taught many online classes for all levels of rug braiding, as well as teaching others how to teach classes online. 

A happily retired obstetrician, Christine lives with her husband, one dog, four cats, and a lot of wool in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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