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“Project Dye Pot” Dye Class


Jyl Robbins, Floyds Knobs, Indiana      

Dates:  2 Evenings – Wednesday & Thursday, August 14-15, 2024 
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Class Fee: $130.00 / Sauder Village members $120.00
Supply Fee: $20.00 - payable to teacher during class
Location: Founder’s Hall – Kitchen
Teacher’s Website: 


In this workshop we will discuss and apply the dyeing methods for choosing and creating compatible colors for primitive, fine shading, and whimsical hooking.

The dye methods covered in this workshop will be:

  1. Marry colors and how to create a color family. 
  2. Straight dying in the pot.
  3. Spot dying in the pot
  4. Spot dying in the oven.
  5. Dip dying. 

Each method of overdying will be done on natural wool as well as textured wool. We will be using both Cushing and Pro Chem dyes.

We will also have a workshop dye challenge and the “butt ugly wool” contest. I challenge you to bring the worst looking piece of wool in your stash - something that is a light to medium tone that truly does not appeal to you. We will turn that ugly duckling into a swan!

Jyl has been hand-dyeing beautiful wool for many years, she has a wealth of knowledge and some great tips to share. This workshop is suitable for both new dyers and those looking to refresh or improve their dyeing skills.

Teacher will contact students prior to class:  No

Level: Basic to Intermediate – students must have basic dyeing knowledge & experience.

Supply description:  Hand-outs with instructions & recipes to take home for reference, as well as the following dyeing supplies for use in class: disposable latex gloves, dyeing containers, foil, paper towels, Synthrapol, vinegar, and Cushing & Pro Chem dyes. 

Students Need to Bring:  Wool: 1 yard of light-colored wool natural & textured (or Jyl will have wool you can buy to dye and take home with you - more info & price when she contacts students). Also bring: notepad, pen, apron, tongs, and dye spoons- if you have them.  Students may wish to wear old clothes, as dyes can stain clothing, and wear comfortable shoes, as you may be doing some standing while dyeing.


Jyl Robbins is a McGown trained instructor and completed her certification at the Northern Teachers Workshop in 2007.  She began hooking at the age of eight thanks to her mother, Joan Blauvelt, who also was a rug hooking instructor in Southeastern Michigan.

Jyl began teaching in the Southern Indiana – Louisville Kentucky area and was a founding member of the Buffalo Trace Rug Hooking Guild of ATHA.  She co-owned Cat House Rugs with Mary Silva in New Albany, Indiana for 7 years.  During that time Jyl taught classes in her shop two nights per week with workshops on various weekends. Jyl continues to teach at workshops and out of her home. In 2024, she will be teaching in Manistee, Dragonfly on the Lake, Geneva on the Lake, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Her work has been featured in many shows in the Kentuckiana area and at Sauder Village.  Her rug “Naomi’s Hudson Star” was selected for Celebrations 2023.

Fine hooking and shading are a favorite of Jyl’s and she reintroduced the technique of hooking a true plaid pattern several years ago. Pairing this technique with fine shading she started a series of season tiles; holly plaid, pumpkin plaid, and sunflower plaid have already been completed. The last in the series will be a spring motif.

Geometric patterns are another area that allows tremendous creativity with color and pattern and are a joy to hook.  Jyl likes to put a spin on her geometrics by adopting a challenging color plan that is unexpected or to change the pattern to a unique design.


dying fabrics for hooking

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