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Guest Artist

Leah Goddard

Gatlinburg, TN

Leah graduated from Slippery Rock University with a teaching degree. She lives in Gatlinburg Tennessee as a professional wood carver, author, and teacher. She has contributed numerous times to both Wood Carving Illustrated and Chip Chat magazines, and she has authored her own book “Carving Nature’s Rascals: Wood Carving an Armadillo, Skunk, Mouse and Raccoon.” She has been filmed for the show “Wood Sculptors” for the DIY network. Leah has taught wood carving professionally throughout the country for over ten years. As well as judging wood carving shows, Leah has won numerous wood carving awards including Best in Show at Dayton Artistry in Wood.

Learn about the workshop Leah will be teaching: Bringing Realistic Animals to Life

Learn about the workshop Leah will be teaching: Bringing Realistic Animals to Life

Chris Howard

Gatlinburg, TN

Chris Howard was born the son of an Native American Mother in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains where music and art are a way of life. His roots in Tennessee can be dated back to 1792 on his father side. His maternal grandmother came to Tennessee during the 1940’s to work for the government as a decoder during the Manhattan Project . Born with a wonderful talent, he began to cultivate it at an early age and since 1998, he has devoted himself full time to his art. He began carving wildlife and soon graduated into realistic sculpting which is now his specialty. He has been a cabinet-maker, as well as designer and builder of homes, worked for several major motion picture companies in the U.S., Europe and South America on projects such as Cannes Film Festival, MIP, and NAPTE. While in Europe, he studied design and visual art. Chris loves the freedom sculpting gives him. Capturing the complexity of the human face with expression can be seen from his smallest to the full life size sculptures. You will know Chris when you meet him with his warm southern manner, long hair, white cowboy hat and an accent that testifies of his mountain upbringing.

Learn about the workshop Chris will be teaching: Carving a Realistic Human Bust



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