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Stella Leona Chocolates & Coffees

A sweet new addition to Sauder Village!

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Stella Leona Closed – To Open at Doughbox Bakery in Mid-September
The Stella Leona Chocolates and Coffees shop at Sauder Village is now closed as we begin the process of moving the shop to its new location within the Doughbox Bakery. The original shop in Pettisville will continue business as usual.

Renovations have been taking place at The Doughbox Bakery to prepare for the addition slated to open in mid-September. In the newly designed space, Stella Leona’s artisan chocolates will be offered along with their signature specialty drinks, espresso drinks, brewed coffees and blended Arctic drinks. Customers will soon be able to grab a Doughbox doughnut and Stella Leona drink from the drive-up window or share a table with a friend in the expanded seating area. Drinks and chocolates will be served at this new location year-round. Stella Leona Artisan Chocolates, the original shop in Pettisville, will continue business as usual, and the chocolates will continue to be made in the Pettisville kitchen.

About Stella Leona Chocolates & Coffees
Stella Leona Chocolates & Coffees offers an opportunity to step away from the hub of activity and experience a moment of relaxation with a one-of-a-kind chocolate paired with a cup of Red Rambler coffee, espresso or our Signature Hot Chocolate or an Arctic blended ice drink. All these delectable, handcrafted chocolates, caramels, truffles and specialty drinks are made with the finest ingredients. Chocolates are sold by the piece or boxed.

Chocolates are individually made by founder, Nancy Bontrager Yoder, granddaughter of Sauder Village founder, Erie Sauder.  Her grandmother, Leona Sauder, wife of Erie, and her sister, Estella, inspired the company name and Nancy’s love for life, family and baking.  She hopes to honor them with the commitment-to-quality and attention-to-detail that are essential ingredients in everything she creates. Reward yourself with a Stella Leona moment or share it with someone you love.

Stella Leona's retail location in Pettisville is open year round. Visit the Stella Leona website for more information:


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