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Kids Fun at Sauder Village

Children and their family love the fun things to do at historic Sauder Village.


This summer, Sauder Village opened the Grime Homestead in the 1920s! We added a telephone, phonograph and even a player piano. Just for fun, let’s explore some of the fads and crazes of the 1920s. Fads are novel behavior considered “cool” but last for a very short period of time. The 1920s experienced many of these fads, from parlor games to acts of endurance!

kids playing yoyo
yoyo 1920s

The most popular parlor game during the 1920s was the game of Mahjong, a Chinese intellectual game of skill usually played by four people utilizing 144 decorated tiles. Come on out and you and your family may play Mahjong in the dining room of the Grime Homestead.

Dance Marathons
The country was swept up with new dance steps such as the Tango and the Charleston. Dance marathons popped up everywhere and offered cash prizes to the couple that danced the longest. You may want to learn these dance moves and set up your own family dance marathon!

Yo-Yo Contests
The yo-yo was introduced in America in the 1920s and improved by Donald Duncan in 1929. The Duncan yo-yo could do “tricks” and the company still makes yo-yos today! Yo-yo contests, even now, remain popular. Try your hand at learning the more favored tricks of “The Sleeper,” “Rock the Baby,” or “Walk the Dog."

Flag Pole Sitting
One of the most absurd fad competitions of the 1920s was flag pole sitting. Participants would perch on top of a flag pole for hours on end! The most famous flag pole sitter of the time was Alvin “Shipwreck” Kelly. Kelly sat on a 13-inch seat atop a flag pole for 1,177 hours and held the record for many years!


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