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Contact Field Trip Sales

NOTICE:May 20, 2022 has limited availability, please call Chris Lankenau at 419/446-2541 #3094  if you have a smaller group that would like to book on that day.
Note: A Reservation Request (online submission or verbal request at 800.590.9755 or 419.446.2541) and a Payment form is required for all school or group field trips.

We recommend field trips be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to request date by submission of the completed online reservation form or calling the Village Student Group line at 800.590.9755 or 419.446.2541.

Reservation Request Online Form

Requested Reservation Dates (mm/dd/year):
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Is this your first time visiting Sauder Village?
 Historic Sauder Village is open May 4 - October 29, 2022
   Dates the Historic Village is Closed and Open Hours