Arrival & Departure Info

School Bus

For the safety of all our guests but particularly your students and to make your day run more smoothly, we ask that you read over and share these arrival and departure procedures with your co-teachers and drivers. Thank you for working with us!

Printable PDF of Arrival and Departure Procedures and Map.

For Groups Arriving on Buses

Arrival Procedures:

  1. Buses should enter through the parking lot entry west of the Doughbox Bakery and just east of the entry to the Sauder Heritage Inn and proceed east through our parking lot to pull up in front of the Welcome Center.
  2. All passengers will remain on the bus to be greeted by a Sauder Village staff member. In order to speed up the arrival process, any time before noon that day, the lead teacher can take care of check-in and payment at the Admissions Desk. We will not be giving out stickers.
  3. Once the bus is greeted, the students may get off the bus and proceed as directed into the Historic Village.  **In an effort to alleviate congestion in front of the Welcome Center and reduce the risk of injury around the buses and parking lot, we ask that if students haven’t been divided into groups prior, please do so in The 1920s Grime Homestead front yard.  Also, if you need to address your group as a whole, this is a great location to do so.
  4. Your group should drop off your lunches in your assigned lunch area before starting your tour.
  5. Departure time will be confirmed with both the lead teacher and bus driver. The bus driver will be given a window placard with departure time written on it. We ask that this be placed in the window of the bus.
  6. Buses will park in the area west of The Doughbox Bakery (a small map will be available upon arrival).

Departure Procedures

  1. We ask that groups larger than 50 total gather at the Windmill in the Grime Homestead to depart through the service gate.  Groups smaller than 50 are asked to gather in the Village Green to depart through the Welcome Center.  Please do not gather with your group in the parking lot.
  2. Buses will be asked NOT to pull up in front of the Welcome Center any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your departure time as indicated on the window placard. Buses arriving earlier will be asked to go back to the parking area and wait until closer to departure.
  3. Our staff will watch for your schools' buses to pull up in front of the Welcome Center. Once the bus(es) have arrived, our staff will inform the lead teacher & assist the classes to board the buses.

For groups arriving by cars:

  1. All students and supervising adults assemble together quietly and our staff will welcome them and clarify the day's activities. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR GROUP, we ask that you gather in the grassy areas in front of the Welcome Center rather than in the busy parking lot. Your supervising adults should all have been given a copy of the guideline sheet before arrival.
  2. After their welcome, your group will be able to enter the Historic Village as directed. All lunches may be stored in the lunch room until your assigned lunchtime.
  3. Lead teacher is asked to bring the completed payment form and payment any time before noon on the day of the trip.
Complex Map for Busses