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Chaperone Guidelines

Students Historic Games

Guidelines for Supervising Adults

Important: Please print this information and distribute to each supervising adult. For a printable version, please click below.

The quality of student's experience will depend a great deal on the supervising adults and chaperones. Please assign no more than 10 students per adult and be sure each adult has a copy of the following guidelines. Sauder Village management reserves the right to address any problems that arise with student groups touring the Village.

  1. Be sure to pick up a Sauder Village map in the barnyard area as you start your tour.
  2. For the safety and respect of others, please do not allow your students to run in the Village.
  3. A costumed interpreter or craftsman will be in most buildings along the tour. If a building is full, please wait quietly outside for the group inside to exit or go to another building and come back. Please do not enter any building with a closed sign hanging on it.
  4. Animals are an integral part of our interpretation, however, these animals are not pets. For the safety of our guests and animals, please do not let your students pet, tease, chase or feed any of the animals at the Village.
  5. If your group chooses to ride the Erie Express Train, please note that an adult must accompany your group of students on the ride. Also, if some students in your party decide not to ride, an adult must wait with them in the train station until the others in your group have returned. Train tickets must be purchased at the Erie Express train station before boarding.
  6. Please keep your group together at all times. Any student found without an adult chaperone will be taken to the Welcome Center until the adult can be found.
  7. Little Pioneers Homestead: This area is designed for young children and their families. We ask that school groups in grades 2 or higher not visit this area during their field trip experience. We welcome students to come back with their families and visit another time.
  8. First Aid and Lost & Found are located in the Welcome Center.
  9. No smoking is permitted within the Historic Village. Sauder Village is a smoke-free complex.
  10. If your group wishes to shop for souvenirs, plan on taking a break during your tour rather than waiting until just before you leave.
  11. Packed lunches will be left in the assigned lunchroom upon arrival at the Village. You will return to that area to eat at your assigned time. Weather permitting, you may picnic in the grassy area around the lunchrooms. Please pick up any litter and dispose of it properly. (Due to the size and layout of our Café, we cannot effectively handle school groups and encourage you to remind all teachers, parents and students to bring a sack lunch.)