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How To & Tips

How To & Tips

Tips to make your visit a success!

We want you and your students to have the best time possible and enjoy the day with us. In order to help you get the most out of your day, please take a moment to review these tips to make your tour a success.

Before You Tour:

  1. For the safety and respect of others, please keep your group together with an adult at all times. Any student found without an adult will be taken to the Welcome Center until the adult can be located. 
  2. We ask that adult chaperones’ attention always be focused on their students. therefore, we ask that chaperones do not use their cellphone unless needing to contact a teacher in case of an emergency.

  3. A costumed interpreter or craftsman will be in most buildings along the tour. If another group is in a building, please wait quietly outside for the group inside to exit or go to another building and come back. Please do not enter any building with a closed sign hanging on it.

  4. Animals are an integral part of our interpretation, however, these animals are not pets. For the safety of our guests and animals, we ask that no student, chaperone or teacher pet, tease, chase, or feed any of the animals at the Village.

  5. The Erie Express train is now free to all visitors. Access is granted on a first come, first serve basis. Saving seats/reserving blocks of seats shall not be granted. Once the train has completed a full circuit, all guests will be asked to exit the train. If more rides are desired, guests are asked to re-enter the line and proceed through the first come, first serve line as before. If your group chooses to ride the Erie Express train, please note that an adult must accompany your group of students on the ride. Also, if some students in your party decide not to ride, an adult must wait with them until the others in your group have returned.

  6. First Aid and Lost & Found are located in the Welcome Center.

  7. Smoking or vaping is not permitted within the Historic Village. Sauder Village is a smoke-free complex.

  8. If your group wishes to shop for souvenirs, we recommend taking a break during your tour rather than waiting before you leave. The Gift Shop and General Store tend to be busiest in the afternoon as groups are leaving.

Printable version: Field Trip Tips

The Day You Tour:

  1. Ask questions! If there is something you do not understand, something you wish you knew or that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask us!
  2. Enjoy the field trip along with your students. If they see that you are interested and excited about the trip, they will be too!

After You Tour:

  1. Follow-up with activities, stories, questions, games and other lesson tools to complete the trip. This helps students of any age digest, make sense of and retain what they have seen and learned. See some suggestions by following & these links to the Pre-visit Activities & Post Visit activities webpages.
  2. Investigate what else we have to offer. Sauder Village offers many programs, classes and special activities for students and adults as part of our continuing educational programs. Follow this link to the Special Programs page to learn more.