Monthly Themed Activities

August is Experience Sauder Village Month! 

Holding a Draft Horse

Come discover all the great things to do at Sauder Village.  We have activities planned all month long.
Visit our online calendar to see each day’s activities.

Here are just a few of the fun things we have planned!

Experience Harry Potter Days
Celebrate author J.K. Rowling with our Harry Potter Days.  Activities include making an owl craft, candle dipping, quill pen writing, Herbology classes, Magic Experiments, Harry Potter bookmark stamping, making a broom craft and playing Quidditch!

Experience the Art of Broom making – broom shop

Experience The Journey at Lauber Settlement

The Great Tomato Experience!

Experience Goat Milking in our ‘Udder to Butter’ program

Experience pig feeding in our “I Like Slop” program

The Clipper Fanning Mill Experience!

Experience the Art of Weaving – Barbara’s weaving shop

Experience the Art of Basket Making – Basket Shop

Experience the Art of Tinsmithing – Tin Shop

Experience the Art of Glass Blowing – Burlington Glass Works

Experience the Art of Spinning – Anna’s Spinning shop 

Experience the Art of Toy Making – Tiffin River Woodworks

Experience the Art of Bucket Making – Black Swamp Cooperage

Experience the Art of Blacksmithing – Blacksmith Shop

Experience the Art of Pottery Making – Brush Creek Pottery

Experience the Art of Spinning – Anna’s Spinning Shop

Experience Sauder Village this August!

Follow this link for a printable PDF of the full month's activities:
Celebrate Theme for August 2017 Full Month Activities
Potter demonstrating
Cooking in the 1920s home