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Customized Educational Programs

Are you a teacher or student group leader looking to compliment a field trip to Sauder Village or provide a fun, interactive, standards-based learning experience in your classroom? Sauder Village provides many great programs brought directly to your classroom. While nothing can replace a visit to Sauder Village, one of our educational programs can provide a focused learning lab for your students of all ages. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call and let us customize something for you!

Our programs meet State Curriculum standards in Social Studies, Science and Math and incorporate reading and writing skills.

All programs must be booked in advance. To check on availability and to schedule your program today, contact the Education Department at 800-590-9755 or e-mail at

Download this detailed information by following this link: School Programs flyer


Old fashioned schoolroomOne Room School

Students step back in time to a class room ca 1910.  Our costumed teacher will present the rules and lessons  in math, reading and writing using slates and slate pencils and early 20th century McGuffey Readers.  Students also make copy books to take home and have a spell down.
NOTE: If you would like each of your students to keep their own slates and slate pencils, we can provide those for $5.00 per student.


Spinning Yarn Spinning/Weaving*

The art and science of spinning and weaving are explored in this program  Younger students will hear about the story of Woolbur the Sheep while all ages will learn more about spinning, and weaving and get to try both. Older students will have a chance to weave a bookmark to take home.  This program can be split into two separate programs.



Quilting DemonstrationsThe Story of Quilts*

Students will hear a story about a special quilt while they learn about the art of quilting.  Then working together they will make a paper friendship quilt to display in their school. Program can be adapted for multiple grade levels. 



ohio wig-wamNatives & Newcomers*

We explore the history of Ohio at the time of statehood (1803). Our interpreter comes dressed in woodland Indian clothing and arrives with a wigwam and trade goods. Students get to sit in and around the wigwam as they learn about the daily life of the Native Americans and European fur traders.  They’ll learn about traditional foods, farming practices and explore the concept of trade.  Also, each student will get to help make a traditional cordage bracelet to take home.



Historic Artifact mysteryHistory’s Mysteries*

Put on your detective hat for this one as students learn how historians do their jobs of uncovering history’s mysteries.  Each group of students will be given an artifact from the past and will need to use their best detective skills to decide what it is.  This program employs the scientific method as students first make a hypothesis of what the item might be, then using research to find out what it is and then report to the group. 


Field trip at Sauder VillagePlaytimes & Pastimes*

Students get up and move while learning about games of the past.  Students will get to roll hoops, play ‘games of graces’, as well as group games like Simon Says, Red Rover and more.



butter churning activityBetter Butter*

Students learn the science behind why butter is butter as they make their own tasty treat.



Native American Planting activityA-Maize-ing Corn

Corn is the biggest crop in America. Students will be introduced to the story of corn, starting with the Native Americans and moving to the present. We will explore the life cycle of corn, identify the variety of products made from corn, and have the opportunity to sprout a corn kernel. 



field trip to see a covered wagonOx-Cart Man

We will read the story Ox-Cart Man and learn about the value and exchange of goods and currency. Students will have the opportunity to role-play and share what contributions they may have made to the income of a family in the pioneer days.


My Day Program - hands-on activityMy Day Program*

This in-depth day in the life experience, allows your students to experience life in rural Ohio in 1920. Students will rotate through programs in the One Room School, the 1920 Homestead, the Barnyard and our Playtimes and Pastimes. Cost $13.00 per student includes all supplies. See special note below.


Pioneer life demoPioneer Life Program*

This day in the life program covers the life of the early pioneers who settled the Great Black Swamp. Students will explore Pioneer Settlement, rotating through programs in the Lauber Settlement, Log School and Witmer-Roth homes. Students will get to try a variety of hands on experiences including pretending to pack a wagon box, make butter, and do lessons in the school. Cost $13.00 per student includes all supplies. See special note below.



Notes for the My Day and Pioneer Life programs:

These programs can only be done at Sauder Village. These programs are offered on Mondays during the regular Historic Village season or any day after the Village closes in October until mid-November. Programs can be adapted in length from 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of rotations included. Minimum number required to run this program is 20 students. Maximum can be as high as 80 students with 4 rotations.


Program pricing does not include admission to the Historic Village.

For Programs Held at Sauder Village (unless otherwise noted):
$50 per program if you are also purchasing Sauder Village admission 
$75 per program if you are not purchasing Sauder Village admission

For programs held at locations other than Sauder Village:

    Half Day Cost $125.00 + 54 cents per mile

    Whole Day Cost $200.00 + 54 cents per mile

     Note:  For a half day booking, we can repeat a single program up to three times within a four hour period. For a whole day booking, we can repeat the same program up to six times within a seven hour period.

Items with an asterisk reflect programs that can also travel to your classroom. Unless otherwise noted, most programs run about an hour. Although, all the programs can be adapted in length to meet your scheduling needs. Because we like to provide as much interaction as possible, our programs are designed to work with groups of up to 30 at a time. The exception is the My Day and Pioneer Life programs held here at the village. Most of our programs can be adapted to meet any age group.

Have an idea for something not on this list?  Let us know and we can create a customized experience for you! Contact Chris Lankenu, Curator of Education, Sauder Village, 1.800.590.9755 ext 3094 or email at