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Weekly Field Trip Programs

Please review what will be going on at Sauder Village during your field trip week.

September 6 - 22: Food Science, along with Her Story Her History is what’s happening at Sauder Village! For these three weeks we will provide your students with opportunities to learn about the science behind canning foods and making bread and butter. Students will also learn about women in history whose character, intellect, and passion influenced the world today!

Curriculum met with "Her Story Her History" and "Food Science"

September 27 – October 6: Power Wranglers is what is happening at Sauder Village! Students will learn how harnessing the power of wind and water made life easier for our ancestors. They will also discover how animals were trained to use treadmills for power on the farm and explore the workings of a gasoline engine.

Curriculum met with "Power Wranglers"

October 11 – 14: Fall on the Farm is what’s happening at Sauder Village! The smells of apples pressing, pumpkins roasting, and wood smoke drifting are in the air as we spend a week celebrating the coming of autumn with our Fall on the Farm event. Join us as we prepare our homesteads for the winter months and learn more about the process of harvesting and food preservation as it would have been in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

October 18 – 28: Keeping the Bugs Out is what’s happening at Sauder Village! Bugs beyond counting plagued and sickened our forebears, as they do us. More flies hatch in a day than there are humans on this planet! Today we have spray cans and exterminators, but our ancestors had little more than folklore and ingenuity. These weeks the focus is on some common pests and the ways our ancestors dealt with them.

Curriculum met with "Keeping the Bugs Out"