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Storytime on the Farm


We hope you enjoy Sauder Village Storytime as volunteer Courtney reads “Right This Very Minute" from her Fulton County dairy farm. Written by Lisl H. Detlefsen and published by Feeding Minds Press, “Right This Very Minute” helps children learn where food comes from. The story follows along with breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert and explores different types and sizes of farms.

Thank you to our local Fulton County Farm Bureau Office for donating “Right This Very Minute” to our education library at Sauder Village! We look forward to sharing this story with our youngest guests when we’re able to gather together again.

As Courtney shared in the book "Right This Very Minute," the food we eat comes from agriculture. In this fun "From Start to Finish" Farm Matching Game children can match each food product to the source (where a product comes from). Special thanks to American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture for making this fun activity available to educators.

Click here to view and print the Farm Matching Game


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