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Fun With Frogs


Fun With Frogs - Week 4

They're getting bigger! Our tadpoles are now much more active while exploring. At this stage, they still don't have legs, but they are beginning to grow lungs so that they can breathe out of the water once their legs do appear.




Fun With Frogs - Week 3
Our tadpoles are on the move! While they still spend most of their time resting, they've begun to search for food. Tadpoles this young mostly eat algae, but we supplement that with fish food and frozen lettuce.

Fun With Frogs - Week 2
As you can see, our frog eggs are hatching! These little tadpoles emerge from the egg with a mouth, a tail, and gills that help them breathe in their underwater habitat. For this first week of life, our tadpoles will attach themselves to grasses using small sticky organs located between its mouth and belly, resting while they absorb their yolk sacs for nutrition. Once they develop tiny teeth, they will start swimming around and eating algae. By doing this, tadpoles help to keep our water clean. Now is a great time to hike out to a pond or stream and look for tadpoles swimming along the edges of the water!

Fun With Frogs - Week 1
These frog eggs were recently found in the pond behind our 1920s Main Street. This time of year, all sorts of frogs are looking for habitats just like this one where they can lay their eggs. Many frogs native to our area lay eggs in a clutch like this one, with hundreds of eggs per clutch. After the eggs are laid, the adult frogs typically leave them to fend for themselves, which makes the survival rate among frog eggs relatively low since they are vulnerable to predators. To help out the frogs in our environment, we have collected this clutch and are keeping it in an indoor aquarium where we will be able to watch them develop before they get released back into our wetlands! Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks as these little guys hatch and grow up!
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