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Make Your Own Worm Farm


Worm composting is using worms to recycle food scraps and other brown/organic material into a valuable compost to be added to your soil. Here are some simple instructions to make your own Worm Farm at home!


To make your own worm farm at home you will need the following:

A container -
This should be transparent so you can see your worms.  It should be easy to punch holes in the bottom for drainage.  The top can either be a lid with air holes punched in or cheesecloth wound tightly around the container with a rubber band – just so your worms do not escape!

Bedding - Layers of sand and garden soil work well so that way you can observe how the worms mix the layers as they burrow.  You will want to make sure you keep the bedding moist at all times.

Worms  -  You will need a couple of composting worms such as night crawlers or red wriggler worms.

Worm food -  Remember the 50/50 rule – fifty percent should be browns (carbon) materials such as newspaper, cardboard, or toilet paper centers and the other fifty percent should be greens (nitrogen) such as food scraps.  It is best to make sure the food is torn or chopped into small pieces.

Darkness -   Your worms do not like light so keep the container wrapped in construction paper or keep the container in a dark place.

Enjoy your Worm Farm and make sure you continue to feed and water them!  You’ll start to see some composting results in a few days but to get a useful amount it will take about 4 to 6 weeks. Have fun!





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