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A Warm Wool Coat

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Sadie, one of our merino sheep, is wearing a nice wool coat this winter.  No other wool can compare with the wool of the Merino in its color, uniformity, strength, density and fineness.  Sadie’s fleece will grow from 2.5 to 4 inches in just one year and the spinners here will be able to spin anywhere from 64 to 80 hanks (560 yards) of yarn per one pound of clean wool.  This yarn then can be used for knitting, crocheting, felting and weaving to make fabric.

We hope you’ll plan a visit sometime this season to visit our sheep and watch our talented craftsmen at work in the Spinning Shop and Weaving Shop. Interested in trying knitting at home? We’ve found a fun website that offers instructions for a simple project to practice your knitting skills:

If you enjoy reading, the book “The Mitten String” by Jennifer Rosner is a wonderful tale of a girl who knits a special gift. Perhaps you can find the book at your local library this winter!

We hope you will explore this History Bound page of our Sauder Village website for even more fun crafts, recipes, and other activities for your family to try at home! 



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