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Holiday Decorations in the 1920s

Crepe Paper Dress 186x628

Rolls of crepe paper are often the “go-to” decoration for birthday parties, baby showers, and other family celebrations. Did you know that crepe paper was a common holiday and party decoration item nearly 100 years ago as well?

When crepe paper was first introduced in the 1890s it was touted as a new cloth to be used for costumes and household coverings.  The Dennison Manufacturing Company even published  booklets with instructions on how to make crepe paper decorations for holiday home décor, parties, wedding festivities, dances and more!  Crepe paper was one of the mainstay decorating supplies used to make just about anything – including crepe paper costumes! 

IMG_3763 279x400COSTUMES - Crepe paper is strong enough that it can be sewed on and was often used to make costumes in the 1920s. Crepe paper costume outfits were slipped over an outfit and were a one-use only costume piece, making it difficult to find original examples.  For our 1920s Holidays on Main Street event we created a harlequin crepe paper New Year’s Eve dress featured in the Wiederkehr Clothing Store. Instructions to make this dress were from the 1926 Dennison’s Christmas Book.  Dressed in her crepe paper slip over dress, our waitress is ready to ring in 1921!

HOLIDAY DECORATIONS – The other display window of the Wiederkehr Clothing Store features a crepe paper holiday package tree. Common items used to decorate for holidays and parties during the 1920s were crepe paper, candles, tinsel and pom-poms also known as festoons.  The crepe paper holiday package tree we’ve created includes all four of these decorative features.

Why not get crafty this holiday season and see what fun decorations or outfits you can make this holiday season! We’d love to see pictures of your unique creations . . . please share photos on our social sites!

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