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Make a Friendship Bracelet

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Today’s friend-themed activity is making a Friendship Bracelet! Friendship bracelets are a popular form of a long standing tradition of knot tying. Decorative knot tying to form intricate patterns for clothing and accessories has been around for many centuries.  Those making the bracelets for their friends may choose colors that reflect character traits for the recipient and add special beads or charms. 

This color chart will help you select the colors that reflect the personal qualities of the friend you are making your friendship bracelet for.   

Black – strong
Red – love or honesty
Pink – kind
Yellow – happiness
Green – hope
Blue – loyal
Orange – close friends

There are many different patterns for friendship bracelets.  This one is easy and called the Simple Braid.  We would love to see the friendship bracelets you create.  Please share your photos in the comment section below!

Simple Braid Friendship Bracelet Instructions

3 colors of embroidery floss: 4 (20 inch) strands of each color so you will have 12 strands total
Tape measure


  1. Tie all 12 strands together into one knot then separate the three colors of floss into three groups. 
  2. To make the braid, bring the left-most group of floss between the other two groups of floss.  Next, bring the right-most bundle of floss between the other two bundles.  Repeat until the braid is the desired length. 
  3. Tie all strands of floss together at the base of the braid to finish, trim ends.



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